Saturday, 4 April 2015

Wrapping a Rose

a little while ago i provided a sketch pattern
for a no-sew silkymerino slipdress
which can be worn in a multitude of ways

firstly as a shawl
or a scarf
while the two simple armholes allow it to become a dress
 wear it with a draped neckline
or hooded as below
roll the cowl down 
for a dropped shoulder look

drop one of the armholes
and it becomes a Grecian style drape
as worn to great effect by the late Princess of Wales 
on a visit to Adelaide a good many years ago. 
though i was told (by a friend who danced with her at the university ball) 
that hers was skyblue.

below you see it with the colour drained
thanks to the Snapseed app 
(which has provided me with a deal of amusement today)

it's hard to stop taking pictures of my gorgeous girl

if you put your head through one of the armholes
then you can wear it as a halterneck
this version is not quite no-sew as i added some pockets
but it is still a minimal waste dress

fold the top down
pleat and tuck
and it becomes a comfy skirt
(the pockets may become a little trickier to access)

and of course you can snuggle into the whole thing 
as if it were a footless sleeping bag
which is extremely comfy for sleeping on 
trains, planes and automobiles (best not if you're driving)
we had fun shooting in the hayshed
but our audience was rather bored

Kubbi snoozed on the tractor

Jack chose a more precarious spot
(we'll be moving him before we move that wheel).

 i used a two metre length of silkymerino to make that dress
if you're not confident of making your own
i'd be happy to make one for you
dyed with windfalls from the farm

if you'd like to pursue the idea
 but you'll have to find your own Rose.


  1. Oh. SUCH a lovely daughter. And the dress of course. And the pups

  2. agreeing with Gayle ... and the shed ... and the photographer/designer/maker/artist/mother that's giving us this visual treat.

  3. All beautiful, thank you for sharing India

  4. Great dress, great ideas, I can't get silky merino over here but do have a tube length of stretchy silk noil so might give it a go with that. Thanks for the free pattern.

  5. this is lovely indeed. your daughters are special, beautiful women, i see you in them both. (i almost typed flowers instead of women.)

  6. Thank you so much India....its hard to stop looking at such a lovely wrapped rose.........

  7. Why would a gal need any other clothing if we all had one of these!

  8. Wonderful - concept - and great dying as ususal!! Wow!! You are right little Mountain Fiber Studio - could be a total wardrobe!! Love it!

  9. Oh.My.Goodness I am full-on head-over-heels wild for this dress!!! Don't know if I could make one or not but would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have one. And the model is your daughter? Oh my she is BEAUTIful. Love the photoshoot being in the barn with the 4-legged heartbeats at your feet. :)