Thursday, 1 January 2015

out (t)here

 New Year, New Ideas...

photo by Dorothy Caldwell

you may have heard that i have a new friend

photo by my Ma

already we are getting into the habit of doing things together.

i have a hefty overseas itinerary for this year [planned before Kubbi's surprise arrival in my life] but once we've weathered it, i will be shortening my foreign excursions and spending more time in the Deep South.

having a roadtrip companion opens new doors. sleeping out in the desert on my way home from Tamworth was lovely but it will be so much more delightful to be sharing supper and my swag [that's a bedroll for those of you not familiar with the term] with my dog.

how satisfying it is to be able to write that..."my dog". [who is snoozing beside me on the sofa as i write]

Kubbi will be joining me at dog-friendly places including the lovely Crockett Cottage Studio at Mansfield in November and on a journey to the Flinders Ranges, a region that has inspired many artists including Hans Heysen, Imants Tillers, Antony Hamilton, Kay Lawrence, Dorothy Caldwell, a host of 19th century explorers gifted with drawing skills...and of course yours truly.

Barbara and Warren Fargher, the owners of beautiful Wirrealpa Station have several times suggested that they'd be keen to host a workshop group and even floated the possibility of holding an exhibition of work derived from being "in place" there.

so between us we have come up with an idea.

a journey to the heartlands.

the adventure will begin at Port Augusta, South Australia, where participants will board a mini-bus for the spectacular drive to Wirrealpa where we shall be staying in the historic shearer's quarters [which means i will be up at dawn chopping wood for the donkey that heats the shower water].

during the week we will have time to wander; to stitch, paint and draw, to construct sculpture from found objects, to write and to take photographs. there'll be a dyepot or two going. you'll be well fed. the week won't have a formal workshop structure, but is planned more as a rich opportunity to be nourished by this remarkable region.

we will begin in the mornings with discussion about possibilities and then you'll be free to explore these at your own pace. in the evenings we will gather about the long table in the cookhouse with a glass of wine and share the doings of the day. there will be excursions to view ancient petroglyphs and also a spectacular ochre valley, both sites of great cultural significance.

i'm so excited to be able to share this beautiful country with you!

the dates will be around October 19-23, 2015 and i'm still working out the budget and other details [there are no local supermarkets...everything will need to be brought in with us] but i am taking expressions of interest. please drop me a line if you think this might be for you.


  1. that sounds absolutely wonderful ..... perhaps you can draw enough people into your Australian workshops with this sort of opportunity to make it less necessary to travel abroad

    1. yes, i like the notion of shorter overseas trips returning to favourite places...and longer Australian roadtrips with good company.

  2. kubbi are so wounderful a little dog- thank you for further information - hope it will be a event every year , i am very interested after 2015 , i would glady take care of Kubbi if you need help !!!!

    1. if the first venture goes well i am likely to want to repeat the's wonderful country and a beautiful road there and back. as to Kubbi, thank you - there seem to be a few volunteers! it will be two weeks tomorrow that we have been together and so far we are doing very well :-)

  3. Having made this journey with said host I would like to recommend to anyone ever thinking about taking a trip abroad to Australia (or those in country for that matter) to work hard to journey with India. She will show you a place you never dreamed existed and an experience you never thought was possible. I made this journey four years ago and the memories are visceral.

    1. thank you, Marianna, how kind of you! it is indeed magical country out there...

  4. wishing you safe travels
    good health and fortune
    for Kubbi too
    all wrapped in a gentle peace

  5. Kubbi looks like a real sweetie. All the best for the new year!

  6. How wonderful to have a companion like Kubbi... I know you will have a terrific new year of travels and meeting new friends and artists... happy new year.

  7. Kubbi has a sweet face - you will be enriched (even more) by having a puppy for a companion. Your SA trip sounds magical - I'm already envying those who will go with you. However I know my limitations, a hard lesson, and so I will follow in spirit.