Saturday, 28 June 2014

blues, riverside

i left Portugal behind [with some reluctance but also with plans to return]
headed for another good place
back to the beautiful Tay River at Newburgh, Scotland
to immerse myself in two days of blues
with none other than the bluesmaster himself,  Michel Garcia
my banana blues in New Orleans were good
but his henna blues were better. much better.
and of course being back at Big Cat Textiles is wonderful
Nettie and Alison gave me such a warm welcome
and when i tottered down the street for supplies i bumped into several people i knew
Newburgh really is another home from home
and then there's the bonus of peonies
[these are in the garden of the lovely woman who bakes our bread]
and down the lane near the river are spectacular dark-leaved, pink flowered sambucus
now i have two days in preparation for 'being there'
and there may just be a little more indigo dyeing this weekend
because i have to maintain my blue fingernails

so i'll leave you with another bluesman
the fabulous Hugh Laurie


  1. This all sound more then good.........
    You will be happy and blue!

  2. Back at the river Tay and Big Cat...enjoy. Is the red boat still on the river? I've dreamed of that boat all year.

    1. Yes it is - I saw it and was reminded of you!

    2. What's the phrase....grinning like an idiot? That's me this morning dreaming of the red boat while listening to House sing and play the blues. Awesome combo! I'm envious of your time back at Big Cat and of those lucky enough to take your Being There workshop. What an experience it will be. Perhaps you'll teach it there again next summer? Several of us dream of returning to Newburgh and want better reason than your class. Enjoy!

    3. sweet.
      i'm hoping to be a regular here :)

  3. Sigh... Portugal and then Scotland... what a life you lead...I wish I could follow. And HOUSE used to be my favorite TV show...and now he sings the Blues.

  4. leaving my house to day for visit friends before sunday the flight to Edinburgh and bus til Perth and Jeanette will pick me up , the blue colour are fantastic , interesting with Henna ,see you very soon

    1. Have a great time in Newburgh! I would have loved to be there too!!

  5. I love that blue cross ... which is actually not a blue cross. xo