Tuesday, 6 May 2014

what's in the bag, indeed

having very publicly condemned the transport of bio-hazards around the whirled i thought i would share with you, for your amusement, the pre-flight clearing of the lovely Whipping+Post tote that carries the bits and bobs i seem to need each day

what the picture doesn't show [because i took them out already]

a journal [stuffed to the gills with scraps]
my passport
stones from Baker Beach, Lopez Island and Willunga Beach 
a seashell from Port Elliot
my SilkyMerino infinity scarf
my batfone
a lot of pencils and a small watercolour set
my trusty raybans
a couple of tsunobukuro shopping bags 
a rusty nail from New Orleans
and also a fan from the above
the bombay sapphire bottle i carry water in
several messy notes on the backs of envelopes
and the dress i was finishing while waiting somewhere

there's a reason this tote is called the Swiss Army Knife of bags!

and what got tipped onto the blanket

moo cards
a star-spangled baci wrapper
a lone gingin [thankyou Christine]
Aesop deliciousness
several buttons from a thrift store coat
random coinage from several countries
ticket stub from the fabulous Mr Laurie's concert
an empty Altoid box [in which i put water for painting]
a marquisite pin from St Thomas' thrift store
a pod from a gleditsia tree at Flinders University
lovely black felt pens for drawing
an Ikea pencil and others
the stub from a plane ticket
a drinking straw in a paper wrapper
several rubber bands
some string
and rather a lot of dry crumbled eucalyptus leaves

+  +  +

it's all clean and tidy now
lots of space for stocking up on Altoids
in San Francisco later this week.
and i think i might allow myself a new journal.
even though i should probably just make one.


  1. .... or maybe you could sidle up next to someone who would happily make you a new (old) journal...... :D (lovely waggling finger article BTW - I thought it was only about a 6 on the waggly finger scale so not too scary)

  2. i've seen that magic 'poppins' bag, but, you are absolutely right about following good practice rules, and it is way to easy to forget our obligations.

  3. ooh, and your new journal--you have something special in mind?!

  4. I'll be in Berkeley playing with SAORI. I'll wave to you over the bridge. Enjoy the Pacific!

  5. Tote is its own travelogue!
    Luv the stones ;>]]

  6. a stone from Willunga beach!!! my heart sings.

    You are the reverse of the glomesh ad - remember?

  7. your tote is like mine, I have stones, parts of crumbled leaves, came back from Dallas with a crushed and rusted tin can that looks amazing.

  8. Who else could share the bits of her bag and have us be envious...btw...more gin gins await you in Whidby:)

    1. Really ? Thank you! .....typing with quivering fingers....