Wednesday, 16 April 2014


it's done!
now 2.41 am in the wee small hours of the morning
i am off to bed
the student celebration book is done.

on a wandering wind

if i've messed anything up, please forgive me
but i've done my best
with the materials supplied

and because it weighs in at 216 pages
which makes it rather pricey in the paper version

i've also made it into an ebook
- the only drawback being that some of the image sizes had to be reduced
for better viewing on "retina displays"

so thank you, those of you who sent in pictures and words.
i hope you like it!


  1. Dear India on a danish evening with sun , everything getting more and more green 20:07, i send you a million thank you for doing this book , i promised i will buy it cannot say now when, get to bed and got some nights sleep

    1. There was no obligation to buy, Bodil. It's turned out quite expensive because it's so large but I didn't want to leave anyone out if they'd gone to the trouble of submitting something. I will say though that it was a labour of love due to the wide variety of ways that people chose to present and send their information!

    2. no of course not, i knew you have written we could buy or not ,i still want too it is also interesting to read and see the others work- the title i agree with roz and to you a great , great work thank you

  2. Replies
    1. thank you Roz for noticing it at the foot of my batfone-sent emails. i promised a reward and it WILL be forthcoming...

  3. Congratulations to all involved!

  4. Glückwunsch, India, das Buch sieht sehr, sehr schön, inspirierend und interessant aus!
    Liebe Grüße

  5. And what a CELEBRATION it is ! It's a bit like a mini-encyclopedia of eco color techniques, sooo inspiring. Have just started to dig into the accompanying stories & can hear the individual *voices* loud & clear - extremely interesting, the diversity of paths and thoughts about making ...

    Heartfelt thanks for your assembling efforts, India! But even more, for the teachings in the first place.

    p.s. hope Roz gets a swell prize - peach of a title ;>]]

  6. what a huge amount of work, sounds amazing .... will check it out but probably can't buy it just now ... I am in awe of your book-assembling talents ... my mother used to say I was spinning plates - like a chinese circus performer - sounds like you are at the moment! hope you have some decent down-time as well.

  7. Whoosh Tav! You did it! So quickly you act and deliver such an awe inspiring collection! Congratulation to you and all those lovely artists featured and making magic from the lovely colors our amazing earth provides!! I can't wait to read the lovely bios and stories ... Hugs Lisa

  8. Thank you so much India, the book looks great and i'm so happy to be in. Love to see my work in print.
    Just ordered and cannot wait................

  9. so pleased y'all like it, thank you!