Thursday, 24 April 2014

the missing page

there was one more page i wanted to include in the recently published book of student work
for some reason i had filed it as 'z.doc', i suppose because i intended it to be the last page
and then
it got lost in the electronic filing system.

but as they say in the old country
"wer suchet, der findet"
and today i found the page so here is the text it would have contained.

I have on many occasions also been a student and would like to acknowledge and thank those who taught me. I wish I could remember all of your names but alas, age hath wearied and the years condemned...and some of the detail has become fuzzy with time.

But here’s a spirited attempt to list at least some of you :

Mrs Pownall [Nature Studies, Shelford CEGGS, Melbourne]

Mrs Williams [English and History, PLC, Melbourne]

Michael Peake [Art, Heathfield High School]

Nalda Searles [string theory]

Karen Diadick Casselman [lichenologist and dyer]

Dorothy Caldwell [textiles]

Christopher Orchard [storyteller and magician of charcoal]

Helen Carnac [enamellist]

Robin Best [ceramicist]

Julian Roberts [fashion]
Roz Hawker (metal magic)
Velma Bolyard (shifu)
Sandra Brownlee (notebooks that beg to be held)
John Kelley (my sax teacher)

Naomi Shihab Nye [poet]

John Schenk [Architect]

David Thomson [nurseryman]

Karoly Szabo [nurseryman]

Bob Blows  [nurseryman]

Tex [whose “real” name is lost but who was a stylish and erudite Professor in the Architecture Department at the University of Adelaide in the 70s]

Victor MacFarlane [Professor of Anatomy, University of Adelaide]

Brian Grigg [human encyclopaedia of sheep]

Arthur Phillips [watercolourist]
Joyce Schulz (milliner, cocktail appreciator and philanthropist)
Nikki Jackson [the miracle of the trashcan kiln]
Nancy Harford (interior designer, collector and passionate "liver of life")

...and of course my entire family, that goes without saying

+  +  +  +  +
i feel much happier now that's done.
in fact, i look a lot like i do in this picture, shot by the fabulous Haley Renee


  1. "wer suchet, der findet" - oh how I love this [my German grandmother would have agreed]. Genetics and time seem to work on us all. Haley paints a perfect picture!

  2. Wunderschöne Fotos sind das geworden- und du siehst fabelhaft aus!
    Mit lieben Grüßen

  3. Such a lovely book. I like how you have acknowledged your teachers.

  4. borrowing words from the MAN, "will the circle be unbroken, by and by…"
    it's a fine book

  5. Gorgeous pic of you .... and those colours! So beautiful!

  6. That is a beautiful picture of you.

  7. India you can be proud - the picture of Haley tells everything

  8. Lovely! It is wonderful (and a lucky thing too, that I never take for granted) that we have lived long enough to celebrate so many mentors. Thank you for being one of mine. I started with buying the ebook, and will throw real money at the hard copy in a few weeks on payday:)

  9. Humility in the acknowledgement of those who shoulders we stand upon is the true sign of success. Yours is well-deserved and worth smiling about.

  10. I hope of the hundreds of kids I have taught, some will remember me as kindly as you have remembered your teachers!!
    The picture of you is not only gorgeous, but seems to catch your inner beauty as well. That one is a keeper!

  11. what a wonderful list, makes me think I should do one, just to remind myself to how many people I owe what I do.

  12. oh yes, and a great photo, didn't spot that .... here in spain internet access a bit patchy :)

  13. In the 80's when I was a baby young elementary teacher, Naomi Nye taught poetry to our students. We got to know each other and my husband and I spent an evening in her home for dinner. That was a long time ago, and we lost touch, but I remember as being very sweet and thoughtful. Every now and again, I'll see her name connected to something wonderful and poetic in San Antonio. It was nice to see that you listed her....Laura

  14. the photo looks as though you might just gallop off with a beautiful herd of wild spanish mustangs. lovely.