Wednesday, 4 September 2013

suitcase sewing

 firstly thank you to everyone who left kindly messages
and/or emailed me personally in response to the last post

your words were most comforting.

today i have been taking solace in work.

the thought of me carrying extra bits in suitcases may well provoke howls of outrage about excess baggage, but in my defence i only carry one at a time AND having something to sew in evenings spent in helltell rooms saves power as i don't use the laptop while i'm sewing.

whilst in residence at Big Cat Textiles in Newburgh i didn't need such entertainments  :  i worked early and late and all through the day on gathering and finding and stitching and dyeing

but as soon as i was on the road again [ie in Glasgow to tell stories in the exquisitely beautiful art school] i was back stitching on the 'wasteland' collection

and when i came home it seemed silly not to take advantage of having one of my house models in close proximity on a lovely warm spring day [which meant that changing out of one garment into the next could be achieved in the great outdoors without too much discomfort]

more pix of the 'wasteland' series here
and then some of a nice wool frock here


  1. Beautiful work, Beautiful child, Stunning Photographs, and OHHHH the backdrops!!!

    1. thank you :)

      backdrop is part of a ruin here on the farm...

  2. wonderful creations. they came up on facebook, which clicked through to your v profesional website. had a panick that the blog had disappeared but thankfully its still here... phew.

  3. Beautiful work and impressive photography. I enjoyed the links, thanks India.

  4. India, I had to go down to your previous post to read and find out what you were thanking people for... I am so sorry for your loss.. my condolences and warm thoughts. I will see you soon.

  5. Breezy, cool and jazz-filled. Love the moves on your precious. xo C