Saturday, 17 August 2013

paper colour

now on day two of class two
working on the wayfarer's windfall book
Denmark, Belgium and Germany have left us
Sweden, Italy, Scotland, England and California have stayed on
and we have been joined by Switzerland
and even some folk from this area!

the colours are [dare i say it]
are even more delightful on paper
than they were on cloth


  1. wow! colors are so vibrant. beautiful. what made that dark blue-green? Love it!

  2. It is just getting better and betterer .... i'm impressed

  3. Am seriously devastated that could not make this!...and swoon!

  4. Beautiful shapes and colors.

  5. Actually took my breath away........such beauteous patterns and colors, I'm in AWE !!!

  6. Very, very nice! I love it!

  7. Love these, beautiful colours and patterns, hope maybe I can do this class sometime, somewhere.

  8. What a joyous explosion of color and pattern! Oh what a lucky group to be in this class. Enjoy!

  9. Yes beautiful colors and the greens are nice to see among the browns and blacks. Thank You for sharing it keeps me excited and motivated to try new things.

  10. Absolutely stunning.Someday I hope I can attend one of your workshops India.

  11. The paper success is a new thing since our experience at Shakerag, our color was not as crisp.....what paper are you using now, is that the secret? It is evolving beautifully!

    1. looking back at my photos of Shakerag the colour and definition we achieved seems pretty good to me...and my own samples this time used exactly the same paper that i handed out back then. but each participant brought their own choice of paper so when you see the real thing you can see quite marked differences

      the flora is of course different to that of Tennessee as is the shape of the paper we are dyeing this time. big sheets in mapfolds rather than small folded books.

  12. Oooo La La! Special! Wish I were there. Stunning.