Wednesday, 14 August 2013

a parcel full of the sea from over the sea

today i received a parcel
which was so pretty
it was hard to cut open

the butterflies are part of the sticky tape
the contents are magical
two glasses
wrapped in tissue paper
and tied up with seablue waxed bookbinding thread

they are sea-coloured
the big one has bubbles
like an incoming wave.
they have been made by Norwegian artist Kari MΓΈlstad
when i offered to trade a cashmere shawl
for a handmade gin glass that looked as if it came from the sea
and Kari kindly agreed
i never dreamed that she would send me two of them!

+ + +

it's one of the things about being a student at Haystack
you find yourself in a class surrounded by remarkable company
and sometimes
you make friendly connections.

here's a link to her website


  1. Beautiful glass, lovely packaging. Still missing your class I learnt so much and now feel confident to try clothes sized dyeing, thank you so much.

  2. Ooooo... that bottom one does really contain the sea!

  3. Oh what a beautiful collaboration and exchange...the sea glass is stunning ...I can dream of the sea and tides when I might sip from this wonderful glass. Beautiful! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. How will you know if the gin tide is IN or OUT ?

  5. exchanges of such joy and delight are surely one of the fine things about being able to create objects of beauty and usefulness :-)

  6. ooooooooo.........what JOY in trades!!!