Monday, 15 July 2013

homeward bound

wandering the streets of Yerba Buena
gathering this and that
watched by dogs
some that don't care
and some
that seem quite concerned
i visit the subject of one of my tattoos
[and debate whether to leave the property owners
a note : the ivy and fig are gaining on my jasmine!]
the pavements retain archeological evidence
of string long gone
and as ever, + marks the spot
a paint squiggle
is echoed in wire fragments
that become rubbings
with the help of a rather substantial graphite stick
[shown here with my teapot to give a sense of scale]
which i purchased at that fabulous art supply store on Pacifica
along with some nice Fabiano paper [at reduced price]
with which i am making a journal to take to
 all this wandering 
required a rest at my favourite cafe
happily unchanged since 1976
later, on the long walk back to my camp in Japantown
i found some birds
who decided to join me
a lost heart
it wasn't mine


  1. okay ,they are the cutest pair of concerned dogs eva ..possible to bring them back for me? maybe one could go in the teapot just as an idea?

  2. Your heart is not *lost* in SF or elsewhere.
    Not ever, really.

    1. mmm. but some bits of it seem to be missing...

  3. that is one magnificent piece of graphite! i do like the rubbings--

  4. LOVE the rubbings.. I've been thinking about rubbings of late, thanks for the reminder and I echo Velma, that's one amazing piece of graphite!

  5. oooo the things you find india... the things you find....

  6. love the rubbings! i've never thought of using bits of wire for rubbings.
    I have two quick questions for you if you have the time to answer -
    1) I would LOVE to see more of your label 'prophets of bloom' - does it have a stand alone website? I have only found the link on your website that states where it is stocked, and as I'm a Sydney native I don't think I will be able to visit the store anytime soon unfortunately!
    2) I also noticed there arn't any listings for workshops in Australia in the next 2 years - any chance this might change? I'm in my last year of studying Textile Arts at COFA & hopefully doing honours next year focusing on eco-dyeing & would LOVE to do a workshop directed by you to further my practice.

    Cheers & thank you for the inspiration your work provides :)

    1. dear Little Girl Lost...quick answers [from the transit pen in Aotearoa]
      [1] there's no Australian stockist [yet] for my frocks [although for a while some were available through Beautiful Silks]. I'll let you all know when/if that changes
      [2] no workshops planned for Oz at the moment but if they happen, first in queue are WA and QLD. At present the land of the Long White Cloud is your nearest location...COFA did once offer to host a workshop but they were reluctant to cover an airfare and I decided it was too far to walk.

  7. Love you Indi. Funny quirky girl. X

  8. Love you Indi. Funny quirky girl. X