Thursday, 6 June 2013

mercy it's June already

i suspect the first six months of this year slipped while i was looking the other way
quite suddenly
it appears to be June

i should be pruning my roses
instead, i have been smelling other people's [er, roses, that is]

i headed south from the mango forest
stopping only to assist with a dyepot
plumbed new depths of ingenuity [sacrificing a bit of alfoil in the process]

to keep a fire going in torrential rain
[yes, i got wet, but this time i had the sense not to wear my cowboy boots]

at Tamborine Mountain we found blue skies
and more glorious greens in the dyepot
[my friend R murmured something about that being Queensland in winter]

i am treated to perfect coffee
and drink it standing on the red earth AND by the trees
that it grew on

i think that pretty much defines 'terroir'.

once again we had canine guidance
[there are so many lovely dogs around the whirled]

inspired by the bundle above, we unfurled the dresses to the tune of
'do or die' [spelling it differently in our heads] 
from the album 'teeth and bones' by John Fohl

i could happily have hung around here for a while longer
it wasn't possible

+ + +

heading much further south a day later
i turned up at Glenmore House as the sun was setting
in time to filch a few leaves from the roadside

we spent an intense day
working colour into winter wraps

using local windfalls
in the evening
i found another friend

but now, by way of something completely different
 i'm on the way home
to sew and dye
for a trunk show in Hollywood
[no, not dreaming!]


  1. oh myyyyyyy! OH MYYYYYYY! (oh. my. golly. dawg gone. green. hollywood)

  2. where do you get your energy, India? I thoroughly agree with Mercy, it's June already!!!! The family is talking Christmas already!!!!

    1. i consider dark chocolate to be an essential daily vitamin...seems to work for me!

  3. yes and winter leaves a plenty here in Coffin Bay South Australiafor the dye pot

  4. yes and winter leaves a plenty here in Coffin Bay South Australiafor the dye pot

  5. Where has the year gone?!? My, but you've been very busy with workshops, dyeing, hopping the pond, etc. And now you're coming back HOLLYWOOD!!! I bow in awe. Go knock their socks off!

    1. it's summer..their socks are probably off already :o)

  6. please come back someday, India. xxx

  7. What a glorious post! Thank you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. the colors of earth, the scent of time past is in these fibers, to wear the seasons is an honor.

    ah.....such coffee i have never had.

  9. ..thankyou for sharing your knowledge on Tamborine Mountain....such inspiration. Have consumed enough "Indi Soup" to fuel a small power station, even my furry companions have made themselves scarce. Ill effects aside, it is/was delicious thankyou and has produced some wonderful colour from India.....what was in your fabulous soup...please??

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. sorry first comment had silly typos so i removed it...let's try again!

      there was nothing bad in the soup, i promise you

      i caramelised rather a lot of chopped garlic and onions in [organic] butter, added chopped celery, half a chili [only because supplies were low], several potatoes [cubed] and then a whole bunch of finely chopped purple carrots

      seasoned with salt, and added a chopped roasted+peeled red pepper [er, red capsicum for Australian readers] for more colour

      it would have looked better if blended and with the red bits sprinkled on top, but it was a very fine violet colour [or so i thought]

      at home i would garnish with greek yoghurt or sour cream and a scattering of chopped spring onions [that's green onions for statesiders]

      bon appetit.

  10. It may be June but you've achieved so much and had some amazing experiences too.Wow!

  11. Makes me want to pack up my cookpot and head to a campground to have a cookout and find stuff to make a bundle. Thanks for the inspiration, but it suppose to rain all weekend. Thanks again India!

  12. i never thought i'd hear the words "mango forest". i can hardly wrap my mind around that!


  13. a perfect blend - textile and dogs... mmm