Thursday, 9 May 2013

zero waste dress

two places have become available in the zero waste dress class at Tambourine Mountain [Queensland] early in June - so if you like the idea of designing a dress using a pair of scissors and a piece of string, please contact Tarla Elward by swinging into the workshops page on my website and scrolling down until you find her details


  1. If only I could attend...this looks like a great workshop...I am assuming the string is for proper fit...our bodies are just fine but sometimes the manufacturers have no idea how a woman is shaped and how she moves! Have a great time! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. i prefer string to tape measures...its outline can be traced and who needs numbers? not me

  2. Thank you India,for sharing your ideas. I am amazed at what I came home with! The dress has turned into a 5x way zero waste dress! it fits me perfectly and my friends and family love it on me. No doubt I will dream up a few more styles for it. This is the first dress I have ever made, I know it wont be my last. Best wishes Christine aka Lilly (1st-3rd of June workshop)