Tuesday, 14 May 2013

sustainable shapeshifting

i hit the ground the day before yesterday
running and dancing with excitement
that trip to New Orleans and NorCal was better than an intravenous vitamin B shot

today i sewed a shapeshifter dress - from a pre-loved bodice
and a pile of remnants, including a panel of silk pockets
that once graced Beautiful Silks' showroom

 i sewed another dress from an old silk curtain

and then
i made my Pescadero Sloppy Hoodie
by combining everything bar the ribbed waist bits
of three soft and fuzzy things 
[two were pure cashmere and the other a mix]
found at the Pescadero thrift store
[just across the road from my favourite taqueria]

there was one frustrating moment
when the thread on the overlocker snapped
and i found not one but two knots in it -
what is the point of tying in a tiny morsel of thread literally 9 inches apart?

the hood was once a vest
[the oil in the eucalyptus leaves i plan to use for dyeing will get rid of that pink]

i decided it was too short
so i added a big chunk to the lower edge

the sleeves of the garment that donated the extension
became a lovely big kanga-pocket for the front
which will be stitched on by hand
then all that remains is to add a little unifying pattern
but those are jobs for tomorrow


  1. What it is to have an imagination for converting clothing from one item to another. I read all these clever people's blogs who re-purpose clothes, then look at my own or in charity shops and can never work out a way of altering anything.

    1. the trick is to give yourself a gift - the gift of the freedom to cut into clothes.
      select a pile of worn out stuff, cut it into random pieces and then begin to play with rearrangements. sew together with lots of extra stitches for decoration. dye. dance. laugh :o)

      it's very good for the soul AND you'll end up with a gorgeous and distinctive garment

  2. this looks like something to curl up in, or to play in or to be yourveryself in, no out of bodyness. wonderful.

    1. hoping for fog and Haystack and in San Francisco so i can really give it the beans.

  3. Seriously cool. Looking forward to hugging you soon. Love trips that refresh and rejuvenate x

  4. Seriously cool. Looking forward to hugging you soon. Love trips that refresh and rejuvenate x