Sunday, 17 March 2013

felt stone part the third

i am writing this post with a lapful of sleeping infant 
fulfilling my grandmotherly duties because
my soft-hearted Eldest performed a rescue at the local ag show yesterday
[that's a 'fair', for North American readers]
but as she's working interstate this week
and can't possibly get the documents required when transporting livestock
i have volunteered to mind the baby

i don't know why the picture is upside down
you can see how charming she is

i'm also very proud because my son-in-law
came first in his class of the Speed Shearing
and was also awarded a trophy for Best Butt on the Board
...yes, dear reader, there is such a thing.
all the shearers line up with their backs to the audience
and take a bow.
Rangi's posterior was judged the prettiest.

but enough giggling, back to the matter at hand.
if you recall
we had left the pouch and stone
bundled and redyed

hanging to dry
with a stone inside to keep the shape

the straps turned out just as i had hoped

and the pouch was quite sweet
[seen here with magnifying glass on an extra strap]

but clearly there was still room for improvement

so i gathered up a few useful bits
and a small bead tray
[my cats love me for buying these special beading trays]

and began to play

here's a closer view

and here's the key to all the bits
and where they are from

i'm not entirely sure i have quite finished
it is such a joy to stitch on felt
which has good body
and in which loose ends can be so nicely hidden

it is also a very good sign
when i get excited by new teaching ideas
and can't put them down myself

could go rather well together too

and now i'd better prepare a bottle for the baby.

it was quite cold and limp yesterday
and had to sit on its great-grandmother's lap for some  
and bonding

now it has a voracious appetite.

+  +  +

in case you've only just joined us
the rest of the story can be found here

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  1. Your darling daughter defines compassion and so do you and your momma. The amulet bag is a brilliant idea for class. You smart cookie.

  2. So sweet and beautiful...........

  3. Beautiful post featuring beautiful women with big hearts... That magnifying case has become a gem in its own. Wonderful!

  4. Oh, I did not see the beading coming! What a surprise! What a transformation! Well done, India!

  5. Such a weet baby! And a lovely pouch...

  6. the story from not so happy shape to happy happy bag makes ME happy. somehow it's taken on a shamanic persona, very nifty. touching portrait of grandmama and baby.

  7. Furry bundle... oh so sweet! Glad she's eating. Loving the pouch with amulets too.

  8. Sweet Baby not withstanding, the amulet bag is brilliant. I LOVE crusty amulet 'anythings'....coats, capes, hats....this is a very nice starter project. The felt is a solid and soft ground for all your tokens. I'm left feeling the love and very inspired.

  9. Let's see, I googled Reiki, so that concept is identified. Googling landskin generated some wonderful images. But what exactly is that wee critter?

  10. All I can say is that I live for these posts and pore over the readings when they come. The other word is "love" for all you do and are.

  11. Yes, the wee critter. What is she/he? Besides sweet I mean..
    Love the amulet and the excitement!

  12. Nursing a weeny one............awwww fingers crossed for you all then!
    Loving the pouch....wind chime like and yes, as mentioned, shamon-esque! fabulous!

  13. always love the read love the pouch and the piggy

  14. What a lovely little baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are blessed! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  15. Love the amulet story and it does look like a very small piglet, glad she is doing well.

    1. she's far to young to have left her mother...and to have been put on display in a petting zoo. good thing she's safe and happy now.

  16. What fun a new baby to nurse and play.... love the wee bag... hugs

  17. awwwww sooooooo cute! I can knit the baby a sweater if it needs one!

    1. at the rate Kowhai is guzzling milk she be growing faster than anyone can knit!