Saturday, 2 March 2013

beignets, bunya and beads

bear with me
the title will make sense quite soon

i love Beignets but having given up wheat last year
[for very good reasons and with a remarkable improvement in my health as a result]
i haven't indulged in these delicacies for ages
yesterday's experiments with spelt and a twist on my little [Latvian] grandmother's recipe for deep-fried goodness on the occasion of the [more or less] 125th birthday of my [German] great-grandmother's tiny frying cauldron 

resulted in some damn fine "fusion" Beignets

that disappeared with [as Winnie the Pooh's friend Rabbit would say] "Astonishing Rapidity"

washed down with coffee of course

which brings me to a fusion of a different kind.

after Roz Hawker and i met at Waiuku in 2010 we parted with friendly wishes on either side
but no huge plans
a bit later that year
Roz bravely invited me to come and teach in her lovely garden at Bunya

the pix above are of my notes for that class
[stitched, embellished with cloth and some metal from a tealightshell]

and a little while after that
we went on a trip into the wilds together [along with a friend from over the rainbow]
which has led to other roadtrips
in Oz, in New Zealand and even on the east coast of the USA

roadtrips offer lots of time for talking
and musing 
and coming up with ideas.

here's one we think is really good.

we're going to offer a co-taught class for wayfarers + wanderers 
firstly in Roz's garden and then a week or so later
in a green and gorgeous hideaway in north Queensland

please click on the mark  to read her side of the story  +
Roz is going to handle the bookings for this one
[ i'll be very happy to pass on email enquiries ]

you never know
there may be a Beignet or two
Bunya is where the first retreat will be held
and Beads? you may want to bring a few.


  1. sigh........ long... slow..... sigh.....

  2. Replies
    1. To ALL ABOVE....having made the trip from here to sighs needed, no "if only's"...or "wishes" will get you is more than possible to attend these workshops and have a trip that will change your life!

    2. the journey, as much as the destination....

  3. OOOOOOHHHHH!!! They have those in New Orleans!!! Ah, that was many years ago. Everything looks delicious, including the fabric. Best regards!

  4. Perfect Fusion. It feels right to me, tingling all over for you both.

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