Saturday, 5 January 2013

watermarks and whizzBizzers

some years ago [2008] i had a show called watermarks
for which i made rather a nice catalogue

yesterday's mail brought a publication with the same title
sent by IAPMA

i'd submitted a couple of images for it
but was surprised to find that my captions had been altered.

the captions should have read 'ecoprint' but were changed to 'eco-dye'
and eucalyptus was altered to 'gum' [clearly the editor does not appreciate my penchant for plant nomenclature]

unfortunately, given that 'eco-dye' has now been trademarked, even mentioning it here [on the blog] leaves me open to litigation. use of the term in conjunction with my work could also suggest that i am using or endorsing a specific product. 
i am not.

the filthy hot weather we are enduring here in the driest state on the driest continent clearly wasn't helping my normally sunny mood
i went and played with boats on the dam

and then
because it was too hot to cook food
[or to chew anything]
i made a smoothie
and felt a whole lot better

there's no picture [too yummy to mess about with the camera]
but if you'd like to make one for yourself, here's how

in your whizzBizzer * place

a chopped frozen banana
some frozen grapes
frozen strawberries
a peach [chopped and minus pit]
a big handful of icecubes
a couple of dollops of greek yoghurt
icecream if you have it
a whopping great spoonful of peanut butter

fill the gaps between the lumpy bits with cold juice
[i used pineapple]

then put the lid on
and process until smooth

pour into chilled glass and consume. 
ticks all the nutritional boxes and restores good humour at the same time.


you have a peanut allergy, but let's not go there.

*some people call these instruments "blenders"


  1. Oh... that certainly changes the nature of things!

    Love the boat play.

    And if it weren't a frozen ice land here, I'd consider that delicious sounding smoothie, however, I'm sticking with hot to warm my insides.

  2. Please can you send some of your hot dry weather to England - we are utterly fed up of wet, wet, wet. It just goes to show that too much of anything is bad for you. Glad the smoothie lifted your spirits.

  3. nomenclature...i wonder if there would ever be a word war with the younger folk as they create new text language... we are smoothie consumers here, but with winter and a sick body (not even 24 hours yet) sticking to tea, though would much rather have hot chocolate.

  4. boats and wizzed fruitiness beat ignorance and arrogance (trademarking words just peeves me..... I WILL use the word 'brie' for cheese of that type not necessarily from that place - we all need to stand up for common sense - but that's another rant for another day....)

    1. what peeves me even more is the trade-marking of a concept. especially one that already has a documented history.

    2. Yes... like some big corporations who are now trade-marking age-old herbal remedies from indigenous peoples. I mean, what?

    3. trademarking age-old remedies is sheer greed.

      as to ownership of words - in some cases i wonder if it is just plain old ego. there was someone out there a couple of years ago who tried for exclusive use of the the word 'bricolage' as if it were something entirely new. too funny.

      we can't mention the words 'slow' and 'cloth' consecutively in a sentence either because they have been trademarked and the phrase can only be used with permission. Slow fibre has gone the same way if spelled the American way. [i think i'm in the clear when i use British spelling :o) ]

      perhaps it will get to the point where we will only be able to communicate in clicks and buzzes for fear for using someone else's property.

      it's a beautiful whirled, but also a strange one. the older i get the more mystified i become.

    4. Here, here....

      and here's to Slow Fibre - I'll remember to always use the British spelling when in doubt with any of these new, fashionable, funky brandings!!

  5. How about if we brand *slowly sinking* in, sinking under all of this damnable, restrictive verbiage.

    In regards to the other HOT note ~ the one that requires smoothies ~ we partook of a news report tonight from your side of the world, India, that made our jaws drop. Curiously enough it was news via RTE [the Irish BBC]. They said southern Australia was enduring 48 degree Centigrade temps...that is = 118 degrees Farenheit!! Seriously, I don't know if any boat, or any whizzBizzer [luv that name], would restore much of my anythings in that extreme.

    1. At least our end of the country isn't burning. Down in Tasmania it's simply awful.

  6. Peanut butter - genius!!
    I was very heartened to read of your workshop in WA - I'm on a small sheep farm over here. But alas is full! I'm on the waiting list and will continue to pore vicariously through your books - they are beautiful. Thanks.

  7. India Flint's Wondrous WhizzBizzer Beverage - YUM!

  8. Amazing how a smoothie can change your entire outlook!

  9. Hmmm, whizzBizzer........I like names that have personal meaning. We use a Buzzytoothbrush (BUT not for smoothies).

    1. mm. suspect the buzzytoothbrush might develop a few issues around the peanut butter [let alone cherryskins]

  10. I have a new whizzBizzer and have had some fun making smoothies. Love the name.
    Who, may I ask trademarked eco-dye? and when?

    1. i'm not keen to promote them by mentioning them here...but google the term + .com and it will pop up

  11. well, I just did that and I got a concrete colouring company, LOL! "We will custom stain or dye your existing concrete floors, or even resurface them with a cement veneer that will eliminate damage from time or construction"
    you have to add an s

  12. and rather nasty and bright I must say ... :(