Friday, 25 January 2013

ka kite ano

time moves strangely in this precious green valley
it felt like our few days were weeks
and yet
they passed so very quickly

am packing my bags once again
for the hop homeward

with a warm feeling in my heart.
yesterday i was handed this

which made me very happy
over delicious scrambled eggs this morning
Judy and i decided we should take the suggestion seriously.

i'll be back next summer, to lead a 'shapeshifter' class
in which
we will be re-constructing worn out favourites from the wardrobe
into a new and lovely garment
embellished with dyed silks and wools and lots of handstitching
to sew and dye
something beautiful to wear on special occasions
[standing up and breathing is special enough for me!]
of course we shall also make a gorgeous bag
in which to keep the dress when it isn't being worn

so for now it isn't goodbye, but
arohanui, ka kite ano


  1. love that first 'shape-shifting' pic.... wondering about the possibilities of future shape-shifting for myself... dreaming.... hoping

  2. amazing photos, india, just luscious. i think that shifting shapes is totally your bag (oh, the bag is to hold the shift)

  3. Oh what a cairn..............

  4. I enlarged the first photo and could get lost in it. The patchwork on the deck is beautiful. No surprise they want to do it all again.

  5. shifting shape now that would be a grand workshop - i'm cleaning off my magic carpet. Seriously, though, are the uk workshops about shiftshapers? happy travelling!

    1. the UK workshops are only three days each and do not include Shapeshifter [this time]

  6. Dearest India -that is such exciting news after a truly wonderful week with you and Judy. I'll be waiting with baited breath by my newly brewed dye pot. Take care on your many adventures, until our paths cross again. Philippa

  7. India this all looks so wonderful.
    Would love to be in one of your shapeshifter classes. Sorry to hear its not in the UK this time...........

  8. Replies
    1. Gloucestershire [in the south west] and Newburgh [Scotland]

      contact details here

  9. Oh open so many doors and I am so sorry to have missed you when you were here in Cleveland. This class sounds wonderful! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  10. putting that in my diary right this minute....glad your spirits are refreshed and the class was such a time of wonder for all. xx