Friday, 7 December 2012

somewhere just to the left of the middle

here in Sedona, Arizona
there are lots of junipers
some interesting oaks [i think the one i spotted was Quercus turbinella]
hills that look like painted backdrops on movie lots
and many red stones

the houses look as though they might be adobe
but when you get close enough to tap the walls
they sound hollow. that ain't no mud.

drifting along highway 89a after work the other night
i noticed some radical pruning [ie to ground height]
of the roses in front of the Red Planet Diner

so i liberated some of the leaves


  1. I recently liberated some rose petals from in front of the local art center. Mine are waiting in the freezer. I see you put your loot to good use already. NICE!

  2. There are watchers in those cloths....

  3. Can't wait till morning to trim my roses!

  4. I am still amazed at your process...these fabrics are totally stunning. Thank you for being so gracious in sharing. Imagine and Live in peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. there are faeries n forests in them thar cloths, seriously beautiful India thanks for sharing your bounty :)

  6. Oh India, this piece came out beautiful it is as if you captured their essence in the cloth!

  7. So glad you did a spot of liberating, what fabulous results.

  8. Absolutely beautiful, at first I thought it was a kaleidoscope! jayne

  9. Oh! The magic you work with roses. Beautiful.

  10. looks fantastic..............

  11. India, Sedona is a place for your heart. The work is amazing and wonderful.

  12. i was told the way to dye with juniper root bark is to
    gather the bark from roots that have been pulled loose, like
    into the air, .... in any arroyo, this happens