Wednesday, 28 November 2012

riverside [gallery]

yesterday i hung a selection of this month's work in the Riverside Gallery at NOCCA. 
 here are a few pix




 the three textile pieces above are approximately 4' square [1.2m x 1.2m]
the cloth is linen-cotton mix. 'bywater' also has applied additions [silk, wool, cotton]

'the ninth'
dimensions of above work 4' x 8', mixed textiles. 


outside the river rolls on by

i would like to thank NOCCA, particularly Nikki Jackson
for giving me this glorious opportunity
- it is so very rare for me to have an entire month in which to concentrate solely on 

in particular Frank Gleber, Ted Martin and Shelley Boles
who have made me so very welcome
and have given me a "home from home"
in this wonderfilled place, New Orleans


who sleeps across my door


  1. India, your work is beautiful. And how great that you had a month of just being creative without any distractions except perhaps the New Orleans environs and culinary delights. Can it be that the month of November just sped by in the blink of an eye?

    1. far too quickly indeed. but i will be back. i may have left my heart in San Francisco years ago but i will be leaving my bicycle here and i've imprinted the streets on my soul [ as well as the soles of my feet]

  2. Fabulous work, India. You've really captured the spirit and flavor of New Orleans with your pieces. The colors, the namesakes, the flow and shadows of the prints . . . it's all there. It is a special thing for someone to make a connection with our city. Thank you for sharing your gift here.
    Now you are a local!!!
    All the best,
    Shelly R. Sessions

  3. *Third* homes are where your bike is! ;>]]

    Beautiful, thought-filled work, India. I hope all of New Orleans will know how fortunate they are to have had you amongst them, recording their home with your unique marks and storytelling...

  4. "bywater" .... a lovely word and a gorgeous textile ... what a glorious time and space x isobel

    1. alas i cannot claim it as an's the name of the district next to the Faubourg Marigny. but it sang to me and still does

  5. Oh how I wish I could just hop across the Pond, your work looks so exciting

  6. still wish i could see the installation. glad you love the big muddy one, too.

  7. Bywater & Bridge– very nice! I'm hankering for some detail pics. Congratulations on time well-spent!

  8. I love the pics...and wish I could see the whole installation. Photos will have to do for now...lovely journey. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  9. I am enthralled with your new work. And glad a kitty found you.

  10. you make me want to return to new orleans .it has been awhile .
    it has been fun to be along for the ride .

  11. These are amazing pieces of work India. What a great oppurtunity to have a whole month doing what you love. Wish l could actually see the finished exhibition India.

  12. Congrats on hanging work in the gallery... and beautiful pieces. I bet is quite a site to see all the pieces in a gallery space...something we can't quite get a feeling of in a blog post.

  13. Don't think I can ever get sick of your work! I have asked my family for your eco-dyeing book for my birthday and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. I also want to say thank you for helping me to re-learn the art of patience, observance and being still. Our world is such a rushed one, but through practicing the art of dyeing by working with the natural world I have found myself a lot less all over the place (for a lack of a better term) and anxious and so much more together and at peace. It is such a beautiful and unique thing in current society to give back to ourselves the time to relinquish in watching the beauty that surrounds us. I always find with my dyeing and stitching that the more labour intensive and slower the process the more beauty I can see unfolding. I think it is through such art practices that I am also beginning to learn the art of surrender. *soph