Saturday, 10 November 2012

one day [later]

this morning
the water in the puddle had clarified
and receded somewhat
my book was still there
happily basking in the sunshine

i retrieved it and found
its spirits were a little dampened
so it's having a cocktail now
plotting the next adventure


  1. I think the books enjoy their little sojourn - why stay on the shelf when you can jump in puddles....

  2. Last year I was in Vermot shortly after the terrible flooding. Lots of things were floating in streams and mud including books. I remember wanting to go pick them out of the mud but didn't. I think I missed a good opportunity!

    1. i too drove across Vermont shortly after Irene after teaching at Haystack. it was heartrending.

      at least when our family home was burned in the Ash Wednesday fires of '83 it was a "clean" end. things were either ash or molten...not washed into goodness knows where.

  3. ... a good recipe for quite a few things I think, "having a cocktail and plotting the next adventure." ;>]]

    The light in New Orleans looks fine!

  4. your book + gin and tonic = ?????!

  5. I think that's what my book needs now too. R & R. Cheers!

  6. Your book probably enjoyed the swim. We forget that books come from trees that come from the earth and drink up water all the time. No-one has been hurt in the experiment.