Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Blue Monday

I  borrowed the title of this post from legendary musician Mr Fats Domino
[born and raised in the 9th ward -
a short crow flight to the east from where i am working now]

after finding a very pleasant surprise in a bundle this morning.

the berries of Solanum nigrum [a "nightshade" but not to be confused with Atropa belladonna, "deadly nightshade" which is distinguished by its mauve striped flowers] yielded a delightful blue print. at home in Australia i've not had such good results, mostly achieving greens or muddy purples, suspect it's something in the water...

a lot of which fell from the skies yesterday, leaving mud to play in

evidence of much higher waters some seven years ago
in the washed out railtracks
that constitute my happy hunting ground

it being such a good Monday i made it even better
by wandering along to one of my favourite eating houses
[Schiro's, corner of StRoch and Royal]
for the traditional New Orleans Monday dish
red beans and rice

 which proved the perfect internal fortification
for cycling home in pleasantly warm rain in the afternoon


those words of wisdom above
found in the window of a metal fabricators
on Royal


  1. beautiful blues in every sense. i love that quote, new to me, and spot on.

  2. Yes, the quote...it is a responsibility to keep working. Intrigued by your bundles and the surprise results! Happy wandering.

  3. Delicious bundles! I know the first few lines of the quote but am delighted to read more. Into my quote book it goes. Thanks India.

  4. is it funny that i always love seeing ecodying when it is all wrapped up and bundled and folded and binded, than the final result? beautiful blues! *soph

  5. I love your blog and wonder if you are doing any public presentation while at NOCCA? Your favorite eating place also has a wonderful vindaloo.

    1. rumour has it there may be an event at the Joan Mitchell Center in the last week of November. details will be posted here when things are confirmed...and thanks for asking!

  6. Love the blues, the spikes and the quote.

  7. Cool blue! Actually, deep blue. Love the words, too.

  8. those bundles! & that "queer divine dissatisfaction" ... beautiful photos along with those words and yumm! love red beans & rice we make a big pot every couple for the sustenance

    1. that end bit was meant to read every couple of weeks for the sustenance... I should never post before the first cup of coffee is finished!

  9. I've always believed that Solanum nigrum was poisonous (because my sweet mother told me so!)- so I had to look it up - and learned something new today. Now I'm just peeved about all those Solanums I've pulled up and treated like dangerous waste. Dang! I could have dyed with them ...
    Well, next year they'll probably be all over again - and then I'll know exactly what to do with them. Thanks!!

  10. i love the blues and i love new orleans .
    blue for the blues .

  11. Wow, great blues for New Orleans. And Martha Graham...such wise words.

  12. I so appreciate you printing the letter of Martha Graham, i sent it off to all my friends..we all need to hear this..i can't thank you enough for presenting it...cedar

    1. it was pure luck, finding it.
      i was wandering down Royal, picking up the odd leaf and happened to stop and gaze into the window of the metal shop. thank you Dogs Above!