Wednesday, 1 August 2012

so enough already with da dress

i hear you.

enough with the dress already.
what about the LA class?

i have carefully avoided Los Angeles for years and years
flitting through the airport in the fastest possible time
on my way somewhere else

but now

thanks to Claudia Grau
[proprietor extraordinaire of the Grau Haus]
i am here, where i never dreamed i would be

we are working primarily with things we found at the Hollywood Farmer's market
supplemented by street windfalls
some gatherings from Runyon Canyon

all of which are yielding delicious colours

 i wore my new dress to work

and the Queen of the Night smiled on everything


  1. Wow the color!
    Wow the dress is lookin' good girl!

  2. you look beautiful - so streamlined. Dress is pretty amazing too. Is your hair short or long in this incarnation.....glad you have found an unexpected fertile oasis - "come to the edge.....and (he) pushed and (they) she flew...... xx

  3. Wow the dress (and you in it) looks amazing!

  4. Yeah, enough with the look fabulous! Glad to hear you finally made it to la la land. Nice to hear they are not so paved over you could not get some great color there!

  5. Dress is awesome. Love the purple color! Looks like purple potato and the reds and yellows are stunning, too!

  6. thanking y'all for the kind contributions
    it's been a splendid journey so far
    and now that i'm wearing it
    i have the feeling this dress is going to take me to previously unimagined places. i'll keep you posted on that.

  7. Love the dress and all those colors!

  8. never enough of this dress and you look amazing in it. Your good luck dress maybe!? The other images are beautiful...enjoy your time therexlynda

  9. wow! Looks an amazing place to pick up lots of material for your dyeing experimentations, enjoy.

  10. well, wherever you're going...imagined or otherwise...THAT dress should go with you.

  11. I have to agree about the dress. It is indeed superb.