Saturday, 14 July 2012

small things

i am at home
looking closely about me
and taking time

behind the studio door


out in the paddock

this old friend is
Eucalyptus sideroxylon
an elegant black trunked tree


whose beautiful leaves produce a delicious red dye
as does the sap [although a bit too crunchy for cloth]

and in the image above, that blackish dot next to the retreating ewe is a lamb that bears the same colour markings as a Border Collie

if i had a male Border Collie on the farm i would be questioning his priorities. but there ain't. maybe one of the Pandas from the zoo nipped out for a weekend in the country. it's a very cute lambie.

be that as it may, i am enjoying this quiet week at home...especially as next Sunday i'm heading this way


  1. I'm settling in to a week at home - which isn't new - but major down time IS! Happy studio time... I love black and white border-collie lambie story maybe you'll show us a close-up someday.

  2. i like this quiet post...the musing nature of the alchemist, and the gold thing.

  3. There is something expansive about time at "fart around" as they say.

  4. Lovely Cross.........sweet summer awaits you.........

  5. home..... there's so much more to it than four letters...

  6. Yep, time at home... very healing..


  7. That lambie had me fooled till you 'splained it! Does lambie have a white ruff too???

    And may you keep finding your heart there, over and over.... ;>}

  8. Home sweet home, even when the windows need cleaning, the dust bunnies are cavorting about, a pile of laundry beckons, and the studio calls for a good purging and clean out! Enjoy. =) Mmm, more pics of your baa baa black sheep too. =)