Friday, 1 June 2012

on the spinning of yarns and the weaving of tales

the mention of weaving in the last post
sparked a flood of private correspondence
in addition to all the kind comments


the zeitgeist is afoot
[weaving links around the whirled]
it appears many are either discovering weaving
returning to it
have been dreaming of it
been weaving their dreams

weaving is so embedded in our culture
and even in our language
we spin a yarn [or tell a story] - our maternal ancestry was referred to as "the distaff side" -
weave elements into a tale
weave our way through traffic

i suspect each and every one of us
could find a weaver in our ancestry
if we looked back far enough

and there are certainly plenty in the garden

artist Nina Katchadourian describes the mending of webs
helpfully using red thread

many webs are short-lived
but the 75th anniversary of a famous web
was marked last weekend
[there's a video of a wonderful firework display on the link]


  1. WOW!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the video link! The bridge was shrouded in a wall of fog when I was there in October.......nice to see it in it's glory!

  2. wasn't it SOME PIG?
    and remember, in order to weave you have to be warped.
    te he.

    1. suspect you've nailed it.

    2. A great post... followed by a good laugh at your exchanges here!! Off to view the web mending...

  3. oh, i hope you do know charlote...

  4. The spider web repairs are amazing! Thank you for the link.

  5. That was GREAT! Now I know what to offer next summer for a class here - there are sooo many webs that could use a thread or two. I must go order a bunch of repair kits.

  6. Although I don't yet know of any weavers in my ancestry, I've certainly got a clan gathering of the garden variety!
    Have been under that bridge, on a boat, with that kind of firework display blasting overhead...there's not really the words to describe that sight & sound reverberating in your bones.
    What a, thanks.

  7. i too have noticed a lot of weaving going on in my neck of the woods... far from yours... interesting synchronicity...