Thursday, 3 May 2012


 Warrnambool TAFE have cancelled their May workshop with me [with only three and a half weeks notice...hmmm] - this means that the only other opportunities Australians will have to take part in a class with me on home turf this year will be at the Natural Dye Symposium in Melbourne next month.

shall be taking those trusty boots to the US [twice], the UK and likely also France in the second half of the year

i'm teaching a class at the wonderful Geelong Forum in September[class full, thank you] but there are places left with other [and excellent] tutors. click on the link to find them...

and the sparkling silver lining in that cancellation is that i can get my garden in shape for some filming in June and make new work for an exhibition in Cleveland, Ohio for October. a door fly open!!!


  1. Sorry about the Tafe cancellation, I have had courses cancelled at the last minute too...not always through TAFE... but am glad that you have seen it as an opportunity to do other things... well done...

  2. Time in the garden during Autumn is a blessing indeed! You have quite a busy year ahead! Filming in June? Sounds exciting.

  3. When are you coming to the UK?

    1. late august...there are two classes
      details on the workshops page at

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing those boots in person!

  5. Good to be reminded that a door slams .... and windows fly open. Nothing like a little reassurance once in a way, thank you :)