Saturday, 14 April 2012

another splendid day for play

what shall i do today?
perhaps i need a bit of colour

i said colour...they look a bit brown.

now that's more like it...
the spectacular hues derived from bundling
Davidson's Plum

a  student from afar [Switzerland via New Zealand]
discovers the joys of Eucalyptus ecoprints 
[on wool cloth woven in Japan and acquired in NZ]

participants have brought in an abundance of plant material
- this climate is so plant-friendly i'm sure i could toss a cutting over my left shoulder and it would have grown roots by the time it hit the ground -

[if i lived here, i'd be planting Japanese indigo]

the  ecoprint above came from the plant shown below

 lovely pecan leaves

 i think of these as 'tagetes', locals call them 
'stinking roger'

 some of us worked harder than others.
at the end of the day
i betook myself to the Pacific Coast
where i found plenty more to do


  1. I try to imagen you with a stinking roger over your left shoulder and colourful stones at your feet........... enjoy!

  2. These images and your words brought joyful pleasure to my eyes and dropped into my brain to change my outlook for the day.

  3. Oh beautiful! Thanks for both soothing and stimulating the senses.

  4. BEautiful
    and inspiring play India
    love it, love it...

    xox - eb.

  5. your 'voice' sounds so happy, and then there is the beach and the rocks. oh, my

  6. I love your search for color, and how you play in nature. Cloths and stones, leaves, sand and ocean air. What a beautiful combination.

  7. this class makes me think that workshops ought perhaps to be called something like "playdates" but of course more poetic.

    everyone taking part is so joyfully investigating possibilities and has very quickly taken to the notion that the answer to the question "i wonder what will happen if....?" is to [metaphorically speaking] suck it and see.

    the space we are working in is gorgeous as well, a huge covered deck in the secret garden behind the Manning Regional Gallery

  8. I aso agree with your comment India...playdates is a much better name.x lovely images India, especially the stone sculptures.x lynda

  9. we all need more playdates..... with plants and friends and stones ..... dipping toes in the ocean..... mmmmmmm now that's my idea of fun

  10. My mind has just gone into overdrive with thoughts of *poetic* possibilities... !
    It's all sounding quite splendid where you are - the workspace, divine. Am intrigued by the "bocconia" (unknown to me) says Papaveraceae family (only 10 species there) and formerly placed as Macleaya sp. (plume poppy). dang. That's some fine color.

    1. funny you should have come up with the Macleaya was the first thought in my mind when i saw the dye results and the colour of the stalk. this species seems to have more elongated leaves than the Macleaya sp we used in Wisconsin last year and the orange print [from a very old and weary leaf] was astounding

  11. Glorious! all of it. Absolutely glorious.

  12. The colours you coax out of those plants are spectacular, India. Glorious shades of plum!

  13. the skies have been shot with clouds like that for days, it's been beautiful. Glad to see hound hard at work, dreaming.

    1. the dreaming of the hounds [there were two as it happens] contributed much to the happy atmosphere. it always does.