Tuesday, 6 March 2012

well i never

i'm lurking in the Qantas lounge
on the way to Melbourne
where i will meet my buddy who has flown all the way from New Hampshire
to come and play at Beautiful Silks

i thought i'd use my waiting time to update my website
some electronic "nanny device" called "evolvesecurity"
has apparently decided it is off limits.

here's what it says

ridiculous. so i guess, seeing as i constitute a threat to something/someone
i won't be updating the workshops page just yet

 and i won't be subscribing to Optus anytime soon , either.


  1. oh, geeze. so give her a hug for me. and enjoy, enjoy.

  2. How frustrating! If you are looking for another place to park your website, Weebly has given me no problems.... and it's free.