Sunday, 25 March 2012

a splendour of stories

i was rummaging about in the sewing room this afternoon
rustling up a few things and enjoying the luxury of thinking about nothing in particular
when suddenly
various collective nouns began to worm their way into the vacant lot between my ears


a proliferation of pincushions

a bounty of buttons

a confection of crackles

and then of course a splendour of stories. or a string of splendid stories. or a splendid string of stories

it's been a delight to read your contributions...both in the comments and some sent privately.
i thank you all.

the call for contributions will close at 12 noon South Australian time on March 26 [that's tomorrow, seen from where i'm standing]

so if you haven't composed something yet there is still time to string me a story


  1. springwhispers for you!

    I wish the string could pull me to australia

  2. I've heard that as we age, the nouns are the first to go. I'm so glad that you still have your lovely nouns and that you share them with us! =)

    1. i'm old....but not quite so old as all that....

  3. I'm neither old nor young, but now and again my nouns play hide-and-seek!

    1. touche [sorry, comments won't permit the accent]