Saturday, 3 March 2012

finger's x'd

as some of you may have noticed
when i give a talk these days i like to have a surprise
to wake people up when i've run out of words

next week i'm spending a day with a group of primary school children
and while i know that magic of some kind will always happen
[nods respectfully to the Dogs Above]
it's as well to be prepared

as well as the usual windfalls
there's something else hidden in this bundled shawl
tucked into a pocket
[my little grandma always had pockets in her shawls]

 it's a bit lumpy
 so fingers crossed
 that bundle is tied tightly enough

otherwise the Dogs Above [and probably the Cats as well]
will be giggling into their whiskers


  1. I can hardly wait...I am just a bigger kid!!! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. The excitement and wonder! I love working with that age group.

  3. How wonderful that you will spend a day and show what you do to small children!!

  4. Sounds like great fun .... and a laugh a minute I'm sure.

  5. oh....l am a big kid..l can hardly wait to see what happens..!Hax Good luck and have funxx

  6. Just like the tiny gift in Cracker Jack boxes when we were little.