Friday, 20 January 2012

chuckling quietly

it's a funny thing when one of the places i'm least likely to be recognised when attending a class as a student is in the city nearest where i live

and i'm very grateful for this blessing
it means i can be anonymous in a wonderful drawing class
two days of blissful [and rigorous] work with charcoal and paper

the much used drawing board was a delight
before work even began


  1. Replies
    1. Being able to enjoy a little quite and private time as an anonymous can sometimes be the best thing ever

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  2. You have brought back memories of when I used to 'lose' myself in a drawing class with the paper and charcoal.. I think I should go back.

  3. Sounds lovely India...
    love to see what transpired!

  4. I love how your creativity overflows everything you write and do and say. Lovely!

  5. Anonymous in your nearest city...oh how pleasant that must feel. That drawing board is a *map* in it's own right, isn't it?

    And heh, how in the world did you get those "Reply" buttons to appear under everyone's comments? Didn't think Blogger had that ability and I can't find the way to do it on my own template...

    1. AH HAH! found it & switched over...BRILLIANT!!!!

  6. drawing is such good hard work

  7. I love being anonymous ...I just escape into a world of mark making...and go with the flow. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart