Sunday, 11 December 2011

thank you

now that i'm home 
after teaching the last class of the year
a big thank you 
to those who have organised classes and residencies on my behalf
to people who have kindly signed up to attend
and to the many many kind souls
who have shown me friendship and hospitality this year

New Zealand
around Australia
here and there in Canada
in Switzerland
across the United States
from the left coast to the right coast 
and back again

it's been a truly wonderful ride
i've learned a lot
met remarkable folks
made some good friends
and caught up with treasured old friends
filled my pockets with leaves
swum in various oceans
taken some opporunities
for solo wandering 
between engagements
making marks on cloth and paper
writing a novel for my own entertainment
making notes for perhaps another useful book
that might complete the trilogy
[we shall see what grows from those seeds]

happy birthdays to my fellow Centaurs
a safe and delightful Festive Season to y'all
thanks for swinging by

Dog Bless.