Sunday, 27 November 2011

they have seen the light

during my brief domestic interlude in September i set up a little lightfastness test
a handful of fabric scraps, some naturally dyed other unnaturally coloured
yesterday i remembered to look for them
here's how they scrubbed up, after two months in the sun, wind and rain

the two at the top are synthetically dyed and weren't much affected
the third one is eucalyptus on wool...which actually darkened a bit [the exposed side is on the left]
the next was apple leaves on silk, which changed from green to gold
then an ice-flower dye, which clearly didn't enjoy the sun at all
and lastly some heritage carrots, blue purple in the original but then somewhat faded [but with the carrot prints still visible]

on the other hand
the black cotton bloomers that i forgot on the washing line
are no longer black.