Sunday, 30 October 2011

an interlude

class finished yesterday
but today i was back in the studio bright and early
because now it is my workspace until next Friday evening

there is a small window
looking on to Georges Island
hard to imagine that 10,000 Acadians were interned here
before being shipped out [to France, Louisiana and other ports]

the view changes from one hour to the next

between gazing out the window
i work
9 hours of serious effort
punctuated by excursions into the great outdoors
to gather materials
unaccustomed luxury

tomorrow i'll hang the exhibition


  1. Gentle grace is exposed in your photos...I wish we were closer in location. Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween! Peace, Mary Helen

  2. congratulations on your exhibition.

    the images are really touching.

  3. looks to be some paperworks included? and lovely to have the studio time. photos of the exhibition, please?

  4. love love love (and sending luck for the exhibition)

  5. wow, I would sure love to see your work exhibited. Beautiful images, very envious of your view.

  6. Now I'm really jealous. How nice it would have been to see an exhibit of your work while you were in St. Louis for the workshop this summer. Congrats and best wishes on your current work and show. Looks like you've had quite a time!

  7. All the best for your exhibition India. These pieces are really wonderful!

  8. i love your work and would like to see it on the exhibition, but canada is a bit far away from holland:) have a nice time!

  9. i second velma's comment to exhibition pictures please! congrats!

  10. I am in awe of your creative nature and ability to bring it to life. Wonderful!

  11. Congrats on what looks like an interesting and beautiful exhibitionx images are beautiful as usual. Would be gret to see some of the exhibition...when you have returned home and relax.....xlynda

  12. Wonderful to have a week to yourself in the studio. Have a great show. Wonder if up the coast got clobbered with a ton of snow as we did?

  13. thanks all round for kind thoughts, exhibition pix being loaded shortly...