Tuesday, 13 September 2011

goodnight America, it's been simply grand, thank you

after the last toes had danced on the felt
the bundles boiled
and all agreed 
it is better to dye together 
than to dye alone

i am delivered to Philadelphia airport 
[thank you Leslie and Keli]
and board a flight heading west

i collect my trashed suitcase
now missing a 'leg' and limping [meaning the suitcase, not me]
and find a taxi

discussing the most favourable route with the driver
[left on 3rd and then Kearny to Stockton]
he asks if i live here
i reply "sometimes in my dreams" 

the tide was out
so i was able to play with stones
and have a quiet moment

i catch up with familiar trees

sit quietly a while

and wander to favourite places

thanks America...Dog bless.


  1. ...somewhere 'round the Hyde Street Pier, looking towards Angel Island? Pleased your times were good.

  2. ahhh dog bless you india - what a lovely photo essay

  3. what great places to be!
    what great greetings you receiced

  4. Thanks for sharing your quiet moments India. Dog Bless you too!

  5. . . .safe journey home me love . . h. x

  6. We're missing you here! It was a wonderful workshop. Thanks so much for coming to Pennsylvania.