Friday, 26 August 2011


the stones in New Hampshire
have special qualities
a good sense of balance

as a bonus
they seem to have a beneficial effect 
in the dyebath


  1. i've been considering weighing down my indigo bundles in the same manner. sometimes they sink--when the vat is syrupy--but as it gets cooler outside everything wants to float!

  2. this looks like one of those workshops where you really really really wish you were there

  3. with iron in stones in the bundle very beautiful effects here a special metal in the stones?

  4. Ahhh, food for thought! I'd never thought about the mordanting properties of stones! These turned out wonderfully.... I'll try some from around here!!

  5. hey Jo
    wish you were here'd LOVE the resident cat [as well as all the other things]
    Yvette - i think it's just some local magic. there seems to be a lot of it about...

  6. Lovely cloth. I have a perfect Sth Island stone you gifted me. I often pick it up and feel its smoothness. Stones are magical like that. Coming back to that cloth, wow!

  7. beautiful work..wish l had been there too. L love stones and l love eco dyeing=bliss!x

  8. crack a duck! super cool...i love new hampshire...ooooh...hey am gonna be in montreal (second time) for'll be in the islands methinks...hmmm wonder if you be swooping down for a rockwiz ocean play tea cup balancing act with falling leaves or words...or poutine with lashings of g & t? not sure...hope so...xx

    ps my word verification today is 'dingess'...the noble dingess howls at the moon in remote places of australia, convening wild dog parties and the like...OR a term shouted loudly at yourself when you break a needle on the sewing machine...'dingess!' (as opposed to 'ding-bat' - the colloquialism usually reserved for outdoor activities/garden mishaps)

    go Dingess...

  9. I love the idea of stones being used in your dyeing process.. another reason to celebrate the magic and beauty of stones.