Saturday, 13 August 2011

the big yin....and the bigger yang

attempting to clear a path through the studio
while gathering bits and pieces
destined for the suitcase in readiness
for thursday's off-wandering

i discovered a piece of cloth
made as a class sample
in Aotearoa
possibly 2008? i disremember.

anyhoos, from the front it had been decidedly overworked
was pretty much uniformly brown
it has a bright side

on the other hand
i saw my horror-scope
in the Weekend Australian

i think what it is suggesting
is that staying in bed until the end
would be a better idea
than inflicting myself on the whirled
we'll see what counsel
thursday morning brings...


  1. fingers crossed for what ever you decide India..happy wanderings in body and mind!xlynda

  2. India, you need to read Jonathan Cainer, an astrologer with considerable sense...see his website:
    ( PS I'm a Sagittarian too, and also read the rather dispiriting advice you read. )

  3. Somehow it is hard to imagine you voluntarily just staying in bed for any length of time... have fun and enjoy your next adventure. I just ordered your book, can't wait to see what it holds. XO.

  4. oh, geesh, and i'm a sag, too. drat. but i like the back bit--

  5. Oh... MM strikes again... often witty as all get out... sometimes one is just left wondering.
    I'm sure you will have a wonderful trip India and wish you well for the journey... and may all the surprises be exceedingly good!
    ps thanks for your thoughts!!

  6. A fellow Sag here too...Bigmouth the Great....I do so try not to do that but it slips out on an arrow....good luck to us all!

  7. While Mercury retrogrades, take a good long look back over the past decade and marvel at the difference between who you were then and who you are now. You’re completely transformed and so is your life. Practically nothing looks the same as it did back then. This is the beginning of yet another big chapter in your life and it boils down to your capacity to share who you’ve become. Does that make sense? Where you go from here is not quite determined yet, but every word you speak and every observation you share is getting you to that all important gateway to the next leg of your journey. The more fully you understand this the better off you’ll be.

    You’re not one to think hard before you speak, but if you’re ever going to choose your words carefully, this would be the moment.

    Maybe this is a little better

  8. you'll be in Sag land...big mouths, kind hearts unite. safe travels....

  9. "Lovers don't meet somewhere, they're in each other all along."
    Your relationship with nature....why stay in bed?