Tuesday, 12 July 2011

up above the birdies

i like flying
in the absence of personal wings
a seat on a plane comes in handy

once you get through the deeply personal searches
at the airport
it all gets better

these days
i just take the apron off and dump it in the scanner tray
[as i was doing so in America recently
the chap on duty bleated
"are you decent?"
as i was beginning to divest myself of it]

you'd be amazed at how many people
despite having a window seat
would rather watch a movie
than look out at this

there are tracks out here
 those who lived here first
 the explorers who passed this way
meandering tracks that follow contours
and then
lots of straight lines
from people getting somewhere in a hurry
treading less lightly


  1. people forget that the earth lives and breathes....tread lightly smell the earth...whether roses bloom or not.

  2. What astounding pictures. So red. Like you I always want the window seat to gaze down upon the many wonders below.

  3. A flight from Alice to Broome years ago is still etched on my mind India....
    gorgeous pics... and the thoughts they inspire... very special!

  4. The best movies I ever saw were seen out of plane windows. It's been a while since I was flying. Wonder if people ever book flights just to gaze down at the earth?

  5. When l lived in places like papua New Guinea and Dubai one of the things l looked forward to was flying home...so l could get a window seat and enjoy the amazing views. Love your images Indiax. Hope you have a good trip and teaching time. Lynda

  6. The last photo looks like one of your cloth India. When l lived in places like papua New Guinea and Abu Dhabi I love to fly to get out from the heat (Lynda and I used to lived in the same countries!). Have a great trip and fab workshops - xoxo