Saturday, 9 July 2011

territory time

i had a wonderful day today
the usual class pace
[never fast enough for some of you over the Pacific]
was cranked back to territory time
V E R Y     VE R Y
S  L  O  W

we were allowed a fire
made bundles
talked about country
and about colour

at the end of the day
i was taken out
to where the red rocks
over pools of still water

a very good day


  1. love the woven driftwood. i always think i'm too slow...especially since i live here.

  2. Ohhhh! That would have been wonderful! If it had been advertised, I would so love to have come. Hope you return soon.... And yes, Alice is a far-out place! Wonderful, and sometimes whit terrible. I love it.

  3. I can just smell the dry air with the eucalypt perfume and then the wet of the ponds. Lovely pictures.

  4. oh i'll be back. it would be perfect to have a boilup somewhere under a blue sky and near red rocks...

  5. love the song of the red rocks above pools of still water ..
    i am there

  6. I love the photo of you. Shadow self portraits are one of my favourite things too. It sure does sound good to be where you are right now. Alice Springs, all I can remember is the movie about the crocodile hunter Nick Dundee and A Town Like Alice. The place where the red rocks tower over water sounds awesome. I think I'd die in the heat or is it dye? xxx

  7. Perhaps you could apply for that wonderful residency they have up there.

  8. I just love seeing these images of the bundles going together, s l o w l y - and relish the vicarious pleasure of warmth which we are not having here in Alaska this summer.

  9. Just bought your new book today India, it looks fantastic. I paid full price at a lovely little book shop, I didn't see the special offer from Book depository, but it's well worth the price I paid. I'm going to sit in front of the fire tonight and have a good read. Thanks so much for all of your inspiration.

  10. winter is a good time to come here, Ahipara Girl, about the same temp as summer in Porirua!!

  11. that looks like a special place..

    and I know about the pace too..
    it's a tonic to slow down...

  12. oh this totally sounds like my kind of perfection... the women, the stories, the rocks, the water, the slow pace of life... yep, perfection...

  13. Gorgeous photos, India. I finally rec'd a good copy of your Eco book from Amazon yesterday -- the first one came seriously water damaged. Perhaps it had been in someone's dyepot!