Saturday, 14 May 2011

boussy sur moudon

a magical place in rolling green fields full of belled cows
edged by cherry trees, walnuts and quinces
perfumed by roses and wisteria
anointed on the last day by a drop or two of much-needed rain
which brought out giant escargots

it was a truly delightful workshop
the soft colours of the bio-region predominantly green
with splashes of pink from red rose petals
a parcel from California was opened
unleashing the brightness of eucalyptus

rumour has it there may be a few more events like this in other rural areas of Europe
in 2013...


  1. and i love those peony (if that is in fact what they are and not some Swiss look alike) xx

  2. spot on, Jo! they're the real McCoy and that garden is full of them on the point of bursting into glorious bloom

  3. sounds like a little slice of heaven then xx

  4. these photos are luscious!

  5. i know you used them snails to get that colour!!

  6. Spotted Fabienne on facebook with some pics of this happy event.


  7. haha Imbi. funny girl. love that glimpse of dyed cloth. always stirs me that cloth does, and of course, the bundles waiting to be opened. x