Monday, 16 May 2011


in Berlin you can buy a day ticket for the U-bahn
that will be valid until 3am the next day

there are lots of trees
and for some reason the public parks grow long
meadows in the middle of the city
cost cutting as opposed to lawn cutting, perhaps
it looks beautiful
and attracts the bees

but perhaps not these ones
they are Napoleon's particular passion
and you can find them in the Museum der Deutschen Geschichte
where we cram 1500 years into an hour
on the way to a quiet moment at what is left of the wall

and the monument created so that we won't forget

daisies bloom on this part of the Wall

elsewhere there are aprons
both in the stores
in the museum [mentioned above]

in Berlin you can take your dog to the public house
to a shop
and on the underground

and below some paper sculpture spotted in the window
[closed for Sunday, fair enough]

exhibition "knots and facets"
Jens Risch & Michael Hansmeyer


  1. mmmmm that paper sculpture is delightful - thanks for sharing (and the link)

    ooo I DO love it so wen I get to travel vicariously through blog reports.... can't wait to see what's next! take care out there in the big wide world...

  2. this vicarious traveler thanks you. your eyes in this city are my way in. doubt i'll get there, ever. but thanks. i like looking. and i like the city meadows.

  3. and vicarious traveler no 3 is also enjoying these glimpses into your journey xx

  4. I love Berlin, I lived there for a few months when I was 20: wild times indeed.

    I went back recently with my partner and we went to Spree Park. It's worth visiting to see the abandoned fairground, complete with huge ferris wheel and carousel horses that sit rusting in the middle of the woods.

    Enjoy your trip.

  5. Hello + welcome to the "Big Grey", which isn´t so grey after all, with all it´s parks + meadows + museums... - enjoyed to have a glimpses at Berlin with "fresh eyes" here - hope you´re going on - if you´re still here - to have a very good time...

  6. vicarious traveller no.4 checking in for duty...
    green spaces in the middle of a city... huh, who would have thought...

  7. that apron invokes so many thoughts, i've made up my mind to make one. i also have been playing with red crosses and the one glimpsed here caught my eye. i do love travelling with u Indie. x