Thursday, 17 March 2011

to do list

1. dye the travel blanket that is going to Alison [thank you Alison and everybody else for your generous donations to the Canterbury Earthquake appeal - nearly AUD$2000 was gathered through your kindness]
2. make up little parcels for the other donors too
3. work out exactly what is going to go into the exhibition at Orange Regional Gallery next month
4. post some of the pictures of 'breathe' taken by Joshua Penley
5. try and stop feeling so utterly baffled by the whirled

number 4 can be sorted immediately, then i'll close the time vampire and go and attempt to deal with the rest
[and some other pix can be found here]


  1. beautiful pix... costumes look amazing
    i wonder if we all stop and count to three and start breathing in.... and out.... slowly and together, it may help with the bafflement?
    on the count of three...

  2. #4. amazing.
    #5. every day, more and more.
    your to do list seems impossible. i can only remark upon the last two.

  3. The whirled has never been controlled but beauty makes it more bearable. Breathing in beauty makes it worth it.

  4. standing still every now and then for a bit of quiet listening-and-breathing helps...

  5. ... and the to-done list?
    Hey, did I miss a post about your forthcoming book, Second Skin? would you do an intro? -J

  6. whirld is outta control, I just stay forcused to the list...

  7. Oh India!
    How lucky I am. Seems like the world is a little crazy at the moment. May the snows lift and the sun start shining. Blessings xxx

  8. love the pics India!
    crazy old whirled!