Sunday, 13 March 2011

the peripatetic ecoprint

ecoprints seem to be popping up everywhere...
yesterday i spotted someone in the crowd at WOMAD
wearing a eucalyptus-printed dress

that made at least 3 on the day
[including a friend wearing one of my sewing attempts and also me]

while dancing with the interpixies the other day i also found this


go here to read more about the work

and at Julian Robert's workshop i spotted this
the dress made by Julian at his Wollongbar workshop
from locally supplied fabric

and flickr
is full of them

it's very satisfying to see folks dyeing with leaves
rather than with toxic [although often very pretty]
synthetic colour
the stuff absorbed into cloth can, after all, impact your health
for better
for worse

although i wish that people would find their own words to describe the magic
i read an article last year
rippling with familiar phrases
things i'm sure i've said myself on film/published in print
ah well

finishing on a warm fuzzy note
especially for my friend Jo


  1. ah pretty, lovely, cute (that's for the pics in order) ... and a small grrrr to all the rip-off merchants out there - whilst it's flattering/satisfying/noice to inspire folk, it's a whole other ball of wax to find your work/words cloned by mindless zombies...


  2. just for the record - i wasn't suggesting that the work shown in the images was cloned
    merely grumbling about an article
    in the general scheme of things
    and given the state of the whirled with wars, natural disasters and exploding nuclear reactors
    it's probably not really a big deal...

  3. thank you - he has obviously landed on his feet (so the speak) and I would love to see Holly's wonderful work in person, maybe there will be examples in Melbourne next year!? xx

  4. and the dancing frocks...?
    swept, swayed, sultried , spun superbly?

  5. it just means

    you are THE voice of eco print

    at the moment..
    it's a backwards compliment of a kind..

  6. so ecoprint will silent, softly, and slowly conquer the world..

  7. Hi India..I understand how you feel about people using your "words". It has taken you a long time to acquire the words and experiences and it is only right people should respect your knowledge. I also think that when we use your ideas we should credit your help/advice in our work. Oh dear..l am getting on my soapbox..sorryxlynda