Tuesday, 22 March 2011

on the bright side

the last few posts have been a bit grumbly
not a good look
time to count a few blessings instead
and to direct you to these pages
at Ode Magazine

there's a lot of really good writing there

i've particularly savoured Anne Thomas' contributions
documenting life in Japan since the earthquake and tsunami
her inspirational "letter from Sendai" has been doing the rounds
- seek out the rest of her writing if you have time
or think about making time to do so


  1. I have read the letter and it is inspiring and beautiful.

    I really love the collage that you have placed at the end of your post.
    It is beautiful and intriguing.

  2. Shall definitely visit these links India...
    and thanks for sending those other links.... William McD is very good company to be in... morphic resonance isn't it?... great ideas arising at the same time in different parts of the globe
    Love the image collage too!
    well done on NZ fund-raising by the way!

  3. thanks for the link to ode. and i love the image.

  4. just read "letter from sendai".
    that type of bravery is amazing.
    i'm going to read that letter
    again. . .
    thank you.