Sunday, 20 March 2011

not happy.

it has come to my attention that somebody has created an on-line profile in my name and used it to post "projects" from the Eco Colour book.

this is an infringement of my civil liberties and a theft of my identity. it constitutes fraud.

in the event another person may be considering something similar, be advised that any misuse of my name will result in legal action.


  1. This is outrageous India!
    Both a horrific scam and bloody stupid. Hope the publisher is also keen to do something about this!

    Had the slightest taste of that last year... someone thought they'd lift the outline of the focus of my homage project (which is ongoing) and write up in their blog as their goal..... virtually word for word for the most part. Then they tried to book a meeting with me to come and pick my brain. When I saw the blog I thought .... "no ...I dont think so!"
    (They seem to have lost momentum... not sure though!)

    It might be a big world...but the way the internet works its hard to hide those copy-cat actions if online!

    Hope it gets sorted well and truly! Fingers crossed for you!
    ps brevity is a skill I could learn... thanks for your comment!

  2. grrrrrr! GRRRRRRR!

    I will lend you my very large, smelly dog who will growl menacingly into the face of such 'people' if you like..... first I need to use him here at home - because I've had similar things happen.....

    Once I opened a vogue living and found my work (not just a copy of it, but my actual arty work) being passed off by someone else..... (grrrrr)

    last year my partner listened amazed as he heard an arty statement of mine being read on ABC radio for an exhibition opening (not mine) in a regional gallery in the west of NSW (ummmmmmmmm?????)

    on a good day I say - get a life - preferably not mine (unless you want to do the dishes and other dirty jobs too)

    but mostly I'd like to release the hounds.....


    (good luck)

  3. India...
    added a very quick post at my blog with link to Japanese Red Cross... noted that there is an account
    one can pay in that is being distributed to affected zones... money not being siphoned off!
    If anyone is interested!

  4. arrrrrrrrr! (pirate noise)
    nothing gets past u. woe betide them who tread on india's turf. i've seen it in person. it ain't a pretty sight. cheering u on girlfriend. x

  5. Appalling, i do hope you can catch whoever it is. They must be pretty stupid to try it.

  6. That is outrageous! They say that imitation is the best compliment you can receive, but outright stealing and claiming as your own is horrendous. I hope you sock it to them!!!! (I'd offer my dog like ronnie, but I have a very wimpy whippet who would just hide behind you!!) Good Luck to you.

  7. Unbelievable! Or, not, unfortunately I guess. Best of luck righting this wrong! I wonder, is there a mechanism for finding them and prosecuting on the web?

  8. did they not think that this is not the right thing to do??? idiots...
    there is only ONE india flint xo

  9. what in the world is up with people?
    as per ronnie, i have a nice big doberman bitch at my disposal.
    seriously, w.t.f.???

  10. Amazing that someone would dare......but why purport to be someone else? Would they get paid in some way? Surely there are online police that could track them?
    Being a nobody Im safe enough lol but then any of us do put ourselves at risk I suppose online but thats inno way excuse for anyone to infringe personal identity or creative works.....hope you find the tow rag!

  11. It is infuriating to see one's work stolen. And, it is a crime.

    I have noticed that National Geographic and the Joseph Campbell folks seem to be very good at putting their foots down also.

    Anytime I do find Joseph Campbell material on line,(except for brief quotes) it has usually been retracted with a note about the withdrawal being at the request of the Joseph Campbell Foundation.

    Good luck India. I know you have worked very intelligently and diligently to develop your own unique material, and that you earn your living with your work. Its like someone stepped in and stole money out of your wallet! I wonder if your publisher will help with this?

    I put your book on my Wish List and now I own a copy - free and clear, for my private use and information. I suggest others do likewise, so you get your well deserved and earned royalties.

  12. This news saddens me and is perplexing. I hope you've gotten this perpetrator stopped. My thoughts are with you.

  13. Unbelievable! Who do these people think they are! Very sad individuals indeed with no imagination of their own and so they need to steal other people's identities and ideas. Let not only the large, smelly dog bite them on the bum but karma too and quickly. There is definitely only one India Flint!

  14. Oh India. I am so sorry. What is wrong with people? Why do we always have to be on guard? What is there to gain? I too, hope this gets sorted out. Just don't let it get to you too deeply. That's how malicious people truly affect you - they make you angry, and the anger occupies your mind. Sending warm, happy thoughts.

  15. geez, i have about had it with this crap. how did you find out? someone was kind enough to let me know i was being impersonated.

  16. How low do people go... they wish to be famous or special So they try to be India Flint...that's a giggle ... after all there is only ONE Indiana.
    If they put all that energy into being a better person they would achieve so much.

  17. this is when you need a hacker,

    someone who relishes finding
    people ..

    wish I knew one..

    Note to self: start to cultivate hacker friends like Lisbeth Salander in Girl with Dragon Tattoo

  18. So sorry someone found it more interesting to copy your book than to do there own artful investigation.
    As artist we are bound to be mimicked, but right out stealing is mean and uncaring. Hope it gets cleared up soon. -J

  19. i don't mind fair reproduction of pages/images for a critique of the book
    what i really did mind was that the person pretended to be me
    and set up an account on a really dodgy website in which they implied that i was posting these "projects".

    by making that account they implied that i was endorsing the website along with the nail-art and cupcakes that it features. i don't.

    nor, for the record, did i endorse the advertising that Interweave put in the back of the American edition of Eco Colour. I wasn't asked and it was a complete surprise to find it there, especially as some of the books advertised couldn't be further from the philosophies i espouse.

    back to counting blessings now, it's more fun than grumbling

  20. So sorry to hear about this India. I getr so angry when l see people stealing the hard work of others. I hope you find out who is doing it and are able to put a stop to it.x lynda
    I too am angry you may see from my blog some one stole my bag which had about 12 large painted silks in it.x People can be so cruel some timesxxlynda

  21. India,
    So sorry to hear that you are having this problem. It's occurring much too often. Recently, I wrote to another blogger encouraging her that it happens all the time. I once worked for a design (fashion) as a designer and an assistant. The boss would go out and buy someone else's dress and make a pattern and return the dress later. I know! I quit shortly thereafter.
    I hope the person at least apologizes.
    I believe you are the best natural fabric dyer in the world. And I applaud you as an artist and designer.
    Pray that all goes well for you.
    PS: I'm growing a native Hawaiian plant called 'uki'uki grass. It is in the dianella plant family (lily) that produces a blue berry that the hawaiians used for a wonderful blue dye. Let you know how it works.

  22. Hey Indi, what was the outcome? I've seen lots of rip off's escalate. Spam in my inbox and so forth. Be interested to hear an update.

  23. Murdoch Books wrote them a polite note and sorted it out.