Monday, 14 March 2011

it's a good thing i've got my big girl pants on

have just found a review of 'breathe'
lucky i'm wearing a good thick skin
Alan Brissenden didn't think much of my double dress
ah well

outside the sun shines
birds sing
and i'm not having to make snap decisions about what to stuff into a suitcase
or how i might get 6 cats [and the rest]
to safety

suspect Mother Earth isn't happy with us
and i have a horrible feeling that recent tumultuous events may just be the tip of the iceberg


  1. Assume that it is not personal. Or that it just isn't to his taste. Very hard to do, I know! Some people never read their own reviews, good or bad. I'm not sure which would be the best way to go!

  2. hmmm ....
    believe review says
    *one cleverly designed dress *

    and with running stitch
    i can find my way
    without directions
    or a plan
    possibly need a torch tho
    for when it's dark

  3. OH...I did read it as the dress was clever and successful India.... it was the performance that didn't work for him...
    Love to have been there myself!

    One's mind easily wanders to thinking this could well be a taste of mother earth's wrath!

    The images of refineries burning and nuclear warnings on top of the rest was really a big question mark for all around the globe... what are we thinking?

  4. I think you've misread, India. His problem seems to be the choreography, not the dress!

    But in any case, when criticism comes, always, consider the source. A person whose job it is to criticize dance, is not ordinarily the correct person to criticize costume.

    Keep on keeping on.


  5. If you don't get a few bad reviews you ain't doin' it right!

    Change follows fear and catastrophic events. We are in for very big change.

    My heart breaks.

  6. r, sophie and kit beat me to it - well said fellow wonderers xx

  7. thanks folks...guess i took it that if any part is criticised
    the whole is criticised...

  8. yes, it was all a critique of choreography not the 'clever;y designed dress' - big girls pants not required.

  9. I agree: "joined in one cleverly designed dress"
    It was the choreography that received the critique, not the dress.

  10. My review is that I like and admire your work. I recognize it as deeply authentic. Bravo India.

  11. I can't imagine there was anything wrong with your dresses. Art reviewers are so finicky anyways. I am sharing you sense of dread about the state of our world. Here politicians are busy making sure teachers can't negotiate their salaries and that gay people can't get married... all while thousands of people are dying in natural disasters elsewhere. There is no rhyme or reason to anything anymore.

  12. I agree with tothers here, he thought the dress was cleverly conceived but the dance routine itself hadnt worked. Sounds to have been atmospheric though, so good luck to the show....... and lungs are useful be they creative in fabric or the physical!

  13. agree with the others: cleverly designed dress is pretty good praise...if choreography was gimmicky, well, that wasn't under your control.
    you know well how i feel about this mama we have been injuring. but , oh, my.

  14. i read a "cleverly designed dress", sounds good to me. k.

  15. especially with all the news coming out of Japan, I would like to use your words here "outside the sun shines..." in my next blog post with your permission. love your words and your images as usual. donna

  16. i watched seven and think i would love any of Leigh's work. mind u, Alan's job is to criticise, which comes easily to some. He does very well. I was offered a similar job once but turned it down cos i only want to find what's good in things. I love the concept of two people in one dress. Can't wait to see some footage on youtube eventually. ur so clever me girl. love ur work always.