Thursday, 17 February 2011

spreading snottygobble

no i didn't make that up.
am having to provide lap to youngest grandchild
and so have been forced to knuckle down and work on the talk i am to give at ISEND2011
entitled 'Colours of the Red Island'

while researching various endemic natural dyes i found

Persoonia elliptica R.Br.
also known as Spreading Snottygobble

and for the curious
here's the grandchild


  1. what a beautiful grandchild you have. I know we have snottygobbles in our area, what kinda colours we talking about?

  2. At first I thought Persoonia elliptica might be the Latin name for 'round person'... :>] Same family as acacias? (the snottygobbles, not that gorgeous wee fur monster)

    Nothing in this world compares to the wide-eyed look of wonder on the faces of baby animals.

  3. I can see why he had to stay - he is absolutely gorgeous joxx

  4. nope, the snotties are Proteaceae. The flowers misled me...

  5. rumour has it that red can be extracted from the bark..should think that would be acceptable only in a windfall situation

    sweetpea, i like the rounded appellation. sounds like an amusing facebook alias

    and Jo, on closer inspection i think the tiny chap is part Burmese [purrmese]. talks in a little gruff voice and climbs up legs like one. seems to have recovered well from the condition he was found in...wet, muddy, hungry and covered in other unspeakable muck

  6. oh such a sweet and beautiful new familymember....did you call him snottygobble?

  7. Lovely grandchild, I need to look into the snottygobbles more, I love this word

  8. no, Martine.

    Felix, of course.

  9. Oh I thought your grandchild's name was Snottygobble. She's very sweet and I'm hoping she has a pretty name.

  10. How could you deny this sweet child anything! So cute!

  11. Really looking forward to Isend 2011 and will come to your talk. Love snotty
    gobbles -fabulous word!

  12. well, i read "spreading snottygobble" and i thought you had been "saved". amen.