Tuesday, 1 February 2011

the home of the brave and the land of the free

i have a bit of a conundrum.

i'm trying to organize my visa for teaching in the US later this year. what should be a simple procedure has been made tricky because it's not ONE trip nor hosted by ONE organizer. [trouble is, i need to come home in between gigs to pay a few bills and remind my family of what they too will look like when they grow old]

the FAQ page of the US Embassy doesn't cover this eventuality and the delightful person who took my credit card details at 1800 687 844 [yes friends, you have to pay for advice regarding visas, AUD $12 a pop - not really begrudged; it's an effective way of sorting sheep from goats and tyre-kickers from the purposeful when you have a gazillion enquiries] didn't know the answer either although she said she would try to find someone who did

and that they would be in touch in a few days

trouble is
in a few days i might be in New Zealand
or the moon

i understand that you wouldn't want aliens taking work from honest citizens
but the paperwork is a tricksy beast

ah well, i shall put the whole thing into the lap of the dogs
they usually sort things for the best

and hey, if it all falls apart
there's always plenty to do at home


that said, i would be curious to know what other [Australians] have been advised under similar circumstances and grateful if those with experience could drop me a line...


  1. Well, I don't have any info, but you have my sympathy and apologies for my government. Visas and Passports have become increasingly annoying in the last few years, and I don't think it's helping a damn thing. Just keeping me from visiting Canada like I used to.

  2. On behalf of my country I apologize. I won't say more...

  3. Welcome to post 9/11. Lots of bureaucratic BS that hasn't done a )#%*# thing for anyone.
    Good shot of 'Americana' though.

  4. PS Maybe they just know you are a terrorist wanting to steal our snow! HA

  5. no need to apologize for anything...actually i think they're being quite sensible and working to protect the interests of their citizens. my guess is that there are a LOT of people harassing them on the phone about getting into the home of the brave and the land of the free

    the good thing is that the US and Australia have a nifty "visa waiver" system going...so long as you're not planning to work [paid or unpaid]. under that i can visit for three months and wander about at will.

    but because i have a number of engagements this year i'm trying to find my way through the beaurocratic maze to isolate the particular visa that i need.
    the O1 [for "persons of exceptional ability"] seems to be the one, because in order to supply a service you need to be able to show that you can offer something that isn't already available

    trick is that you have to have "one employer" whereas with a series of classes
    there are clearly several.

    shall continue to await enlightenment.

  6. ps happy to accept snow any time [am a dedicated shoveller] and
    the photo was a passing shot from a Mustang [somewhere near Crescent City]
    while driving down 101 last year

  7. You know India, you are most kind in your words about "my" country. It/they are doing their best to keep us and you safe from those that want to harm ALL. It's bad enough that we have ahhh?? what ?? president ?? that feeels the need to apologize for "his" country let alone be embarrassed for "our" country, but to have to hear it from some of the very people who are safe and snug/smug? in their homes, wellll that is a bit much !!! Your kind words should teach us a lesson - thank you : )
    Blessings, Sandra in AZ, USA

  8. Ooh! Love the new banner on your blog!

  9. India, perhaps you've sorted all this out already, but here is a good resource. https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/prodev/page/artist_visas

  10. I am sorry about all your troubles. I hope you get it all worked out. Because....I really want to know where you are going to be in the US and if I could get in a class with you!!! I looked on your blog but couldn't find anything. So...where will you be teaching????

  11. thanks for the link Kit
    and thanks everybody for your kind concern
    think i have it sorted
    try and keep me out!