Sunday, 9 January 2011

and another thing

while sorting piles of papers
[in pursuit of rendering aforementioned guest room habitable]
i found various amusing things


a copy of 'Beyond the Bale' , a publication of Australian Wool Innovation

which describes a clever printing process
whereby leaf images can be digitally printed on to cloth
[forgive me, i may have mentioned this before]

i think there may be easier ways to do this

on wool


  1. AND. i used to work for a company that initialed something like this. i got fired. might have been one morning in a meeting when i suggested that maybe boot camp should include textile training and everyone could learn to stitch local camouflage on their own uniform....

  2. contact the nra (national rifle association--i'm sure there's an australian version of the organization) and see what they think!!!

  3. Wool a wool grower I pay tax that funds that lot...Very little innovation though. They encourage high brow fashion and young designers but I can't buy wool fabric in my local shop! If only more people knew how nice it is to sew and wear wool

  4. I guess everyone and everything is moving into the digital world- I am sure you will find creative ways to use this process

  5. jude, i wish i'd been a fly on the wall at that meeting

    donna -
    i see no reason that i would use it
    making leaf prints with leaves and water is easier, cheaper and more ecologically sustainable

    shazz, some of the designs that win prizes with that lot seem frankly ridiculous...wool it truly a miracle fibre and so much more sustainable than [for instance] polyester

  6. been so occupied in my inner and outer studio, haven't spend time perusing other blogs, the forest calls "playtime" and there are various exhibition projects. The relentless rain this week forced me inside and I wrote in my 'not another recipe book' Loved the "everywhere is walking distance....." quote. Play on and discover......