Monday, 6 December 2010

a slice or three of heaven

wandering onward from Nelson
another friend shared a little slice of her particular heaven with me
somewhere between the Lud Valley and Picton
overlooking the Sound

after a wonderful walk through an extraordinary forest
[planted by a brother of my friend - he is a keeper of trees]
i fell asleep gazing out my window
at the stars above
smiling benevolently through the trees

next day the Dogs Above
kindly played with sunshine and magic
a perfect blue day for ferrying
across Cook Strait

for catching up with old friends
sea gathering, sewing
and storytelling

and here's a funny thing
apparently we're all very fashionable now
designer Zac Posen
has said so!!!


  1. your photos are up to Usual standard.... amazing.
    Zac's suit certainly isn't a Natural colour... The percentages of interesting on the side of zac's column were strange....when I ticked thrilled,it went from 100% laughing to 67% laughing and 33% thrilled...Wow i made a 33% swing be off to see if I can sort the Australian governments...LOL

  2. Food for the soul ..... lovely glimpses of heaven.

  3. looks and sounds like heaven to me

  4. So wunderschöne Bilder - einfach traumhaft. Für mioch strahlen sie eine Weite und Ruhe aus, das möchte ich auch einmal sehen. Ich träume gleich weiter...
    Liebe Grüsse


  5. I gues he has a copy of Eco colour too...................

  6. Fashion, you should not want it.
    Everything that is becoming fashion will be taken first the industries and secondly the governments whith it´s own rules.!!!

  7. I picked up a friend coming home from NZ.
    She had so many gorgeous images of the land and the country..

  8. Nice meander.
    Hah, Isn't Posen the smarty pants? -J

  9. can an ocean really be that color?? gorgeous. and those little bundles, offerings perhaps?

  10. the ocean really truly is that colour [even on a batfone camera]
    and those bundles are
    a shirt and a dress
    both much mended
    and now re-dyed
    awaiting baptism in the Bay

  11. all stunning images but my personal favourite is the one of the rock with sea glass... or is it cloth?? it could easily be

  12. you got it
    rock with seagound glass