Wednesday, 27 October 2010

what's in the water?

Lotta Helleberg over at inleaf posted some spectacular images of bundle-dyed cloth
in which it appears that the local water is acting as a mordant [surprisingly, the most intense colours
are being achieved on cellulose fibres]

the process of dyeing with plants
can sometimes reveal invisible things
we might not necessarily know WHAT is causing the magic
but we can hypothesize that SOMETHING is there
and then use other means [scientific analysis]
to find out what it is

Lotta says that her town is situated on a limestone basin
which may well have something to do with it

the legendary textile bush camps run by Edith Cowan University
were held in an area serviced by a calcium-rich well
often producing spectacular green dyes from local plants inlcuding
Quandong [Santalum acuminatum]

while i was looking for the link to the bush camp [worth visiting for the story by John Parkes]
i also found a link to the text of a lovely talk
given by Leigh Warren
at the opening of an exhibition some years ago
here it is

at the foot of the text, Leigh is simply described as "an Adelaide dancer"
...understatement of the year


  1. Sounds wonderful and now I'm off to follow your links.

    Ps.. it was a bit tricky to find where to leave a comment here today as to post a comment was well hidden on top of an image.

  2. that's odd, seems ok on my page?

  3. Thanks fort the links, I'm going to jump. -J

  4. re Robyn's comment, i've usually found that the first 2 comments are almost hidden under those images. probably the difference bw Mac and PC, think we've found that before.
    Anyway those are stunning leaves, thanks for the links i'll run down that path now. k.

  5. How beautiful. I have admired your work for a long time India and recently also found my way to inleaf's blog and website - all very inspiring creations :)

  6. i'd be dancing in the streets if i'd gotten such greens!wow. those camps, are they no more?